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Thread: Article: The Prep Area Podcast 05: So Many Avengers!

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    Haven't listen to the Podcast yet @RJRETRO but man that little cup destroyed me! Ugh! So good!

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    It's changed quite a bit in the last little while. Depending on the Maria Hill ruling, it may continue evolving.

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    TPA is rapidly becoming my favourite of the 3 TRPN podcasts.

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    I must have bad vassel luck. Usually a barren waste land when I hang out in there.

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    I see you on just stealthing away Mathrin. If you want me to pm you when I am on just throw up that blue !

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    That works. I have a tiny cup team I'd like to play.

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    Hey Guys

    I`m a new listener so still catching up - and also a new player so feel free to correct me if I am wrong

    BUT Iron Man wont work to counter AIA - Why I hear you ask - it is all about Order of Operation

    So my understanding is the play by play will be something like this

    AIA Player: And my Beholder attacks
    LAT Player: That's cool my Iron Man activates
    AIA Player: After my effects do - so I am going to Fireball, Blah, Blah, Imprison - So I take your 0 Fielding cost die - (and best case for LAT) your 2 cost Ironman
    LAT: Well I am going to place damage on your beholder
    AIA: Not a problem, it just saves me paying for him to be hit with the distraction global; as he is KO before the deal damage step and you still dont get your characters back

    So while it will slow it down - it doesnt really stop it

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