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Thread: I'll just leave this here to drool over....

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    That's 56 super rare cards for currently $490. The Zombies don't come with dice, but the regular ones are VERY easily tradeable/sellable, since there will be dice for them with common cards. That's 28 non-zombie super rares, right? 28 (useable) super rares for $490... $17.50 per useable super rare, PLUS you get the highly collectible full art zombies. Wonder how much this will go for being so close to AoU release.

    Edit: my bad. That's not an auction. That's buy it now price.

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    So, basically it's the Mexican National Champion auctioning off his prize

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    Meixcan and/or Chilean and/or Peruvian?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbone3 View Post
    It looks like two sheets, though.
    The same seller previously listed more than one sheet available for purchase (2 or 3 IIRC). He's changed his listing to only 1 being available. He also lowered the price significantly. Previously it was $799 or $899 for each sheet.

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    I offered $300 and it was automatically declined. I dealt with some uncut promo sheets of Magic back in the day and those were only in the $350-$450 range.

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    How would you get them cut? Or wouldn't you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by digitallimit View Post
    How would you get them cut? Or wouldn't you?

    You could cut by hand with incredible surgical percission. Or you could get a professionally made cutter and have access to some kind of industrial press. The blade for the cutter needs to be 2.5" X 3.5" with 1/8" rounded corners. The cutter may or may not cost $72.00 after shipping... depending on where you order it from.

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    I don't like how expensive this game seems to be getting.

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    I would not cut an uncut sheet. They are really just a collector's item in my view.

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    this is a great collectors item, but if I didn't have a Groot in my collection to play, it would be awful. I wouldn't cut it, but I'd be eying it a lot.

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    This is per sheet, he has two to sell. Contacted the seller

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