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Thread: Article: Bold Predictions: The AoU Meta

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    This is why I love this game so much, Meta predictions. I have a working theory that the dice masters meta really is regional but that's a discussion for another time.

    What I'm thinking based off of the article is that we're going to see a rebirth of control teams. With the amount of damage that these AoU characters can/will be throwing around, players are going to want to get them off field and keep them off. Looking forward to the next few weeks to see what brews from AoU.

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    I see the Meta swinging towards Capture for some time. The Ultron Drones and Ultron make the strategy very enticing. Gelatinous Cube is fantastic card combined with Zombie Magneto and Sidekick teams are going to be hurting.

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    The aspect you are speaking of @Zeriphem is half true. There is exists both a local meta and a global meta. Our local metas impact us the most between major events but the global meta is extremely important because it influences everything.

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    Re Overcrush: even blocker removal shenanigans are stopped by Smash (et al). The blocker may be removed, but the over crusher is still considered blocked, so Smash global will still work!

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