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Thread: My Crush Fist Team - With what can it work together?

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    My Crush Fist Team - With what can it work together?

    Hey there, i need some advices and a little help.
    I am trying to create a Team around Obelisk - Fist of Fate.
    My Win condition is clear, Crush the enemy with big Fists until he is no more. Well sounds easy but it isn'T because the more cards im considering for a team, the more twisting around my head comes what can work with what.

    I know Important can be Overcrush for him, but even without

    So made a list what should be asked to create a team:

    1. Do i need PXG for him?

    2. Low-Costs

    3. Mid-Costs

    4. Helper-Cards or Counter Cards?

    5. BACS that benefit him or could be useful for a more creative play.

    And so i created long ago my first Version of this team.:

    ANT-MAN (2 Cost) :dc30: Rigthous Charge!

    But i am thinking that i should use Gaia OR Obelisk and not both,because i takes too much enegy to buy them both and the opponent just needs a strategy to stall such type of card and it works also for both (and thats what i fear the most).

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    If your win condition is Obelisk you do need PXG to rush and get him.
    Focus on Obelisk. You want someone to block him so use this or

    Your team is focusing around OverCrush.
    You can use this for a cheaper cost for an overcrush team. Or if not, you can have this for a beefy blocker if Obelisk is KO'ed.

    If you're worried about Obelisk being stopped in his tracks such as Transfer Power or Distraction

    Also buying a 4 cost die such as Righteous Charge is a bit expensive. Why not get ? Its a 2 cost and you can pump up Obelisk

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    Having made an Obelisk team and had loads of fun with it, here's what I can tell you may improve the team.

    • You don't need PXG (no one needs PXG), instead you need Kobolds. Kobolds ramp incredibly hard and give you the fist energy you need for Obelisk.
    • Obelisk needs to be blocked to do his job, regardless of overcrush. Because of that, you want to bring the uncommon or rare Goblin Attack Force for their global.
    • If your opponent sees what's going on, they're going to throw their whole field at Obelisk in order to knock him out. You can rely on rolling Righteous Charge at the right time, or you can simply bring Distraction instead. Distraction procs his effect and keeps him of the field for the next turn.
    • Polymorph isn't really useful for Obelisk. You're not trying to rush him out and keep him cycling like you would Wolverine, so swap that out for Cone of Cold. That global is going to give you a ridiculous amount of damage on Obelisk using your Kobolds for energy.
    • You may want Lord of D. to pair with the Ring of Magnetism, but that's very subjective. You don't need him to make the Ring work, but I'd choose him over Iron Man if I was going to make the team.
    • Gaia makes a very decent purchase if you don't quite have the energy for Obelisk, so I wouldn't write him off completely.

    No matter what you end up doing, this is a fun team to pilot. When you get obelisk on the field and swinging, it feels GREAT. Give it a shot and the results will astound you.

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    I came up with this

    Resurrection to help your Kobold Swarm ramp. Black Manta David is in a way to keep your opponent from swinging, procs if he survives the swing and gives off a bit of damage. Storm just in case you need an extra win condition. Gai and Obelisk are more than enough but it does help that Storm can get rid off characters off the field.

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    Yeah Kobolds would be nice, but first i have to find someone for trade. I tested to play without PXG and in the 5-6 Turn i bought him thanks to Zatanna and Villainous Pact.

    And here Vastspartan created my second version of the team, but i had in earlier days Doomcaliber Fiendish Fighter instead of Lord D. Ring and would attack with the ring bearer, or i have Fiendish Fighter / Human Paladin in the team.

    So when i played this similar team, i learned that it can be crucial to buy obelisk on turn 3 or 4.

    But how should i play it with Kobolds and what should i buy on turn 1, 2 and 3 ?
    Distraction would be only useful, if i had

    Ah 2 Important questions.:

    Ive red that "Procs" means Process am i right?

    So you tell me, that if the enemy want to take out Obelisk ,i could bring him back to the field zone unharmed.

    But here is question 2: Wouldnt it cancel Obelisks Card Abilitie after Blockers are declared? I know his text says "if blocked but not KOd this turn".

    Because i was thinking all the time that the Distraction Global is a Re-Active abilitie that only occurs when a Attack is declared or am i wrong?
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    Quote Originally Posted by VastSpartan View Post
    I forgot about Kobolds. Ive rarely used them.
    As someone who strayed away from Kobolds for a time and than went back to them, all I can say is "Why did I ever stop using them?"

    As for your team, the kobold swarm dice will not only get you Obelisk fast, but give you a potential +6 or +12 to his attack with Anger Issues or Cone of Cold.

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    Yes. It activates Obelisk effect. You attack with Obelisk and force them to block with someone (meaning just obelisk attacking alone) and you met the requirements when using distraction. He attacks, you force them to block, and him being the only attacker they must block him. As the text reads "If this monster is blocked but is not knocked out, it deals damage equal to its attack to your opponent (in addition to the damage it has already dealt to its blockers" He attacked, forced to block him and the requirements are met. You pull him back keeping him alive.

    Its the same with which I use in my main deck.

    You can buy a couple of Black Manta's or go for Obelisk himself. Sky's the limit when making teams.

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    Ok thanks guys, yes i was reading your answer in the FAQ.

    So you made me feel strong for this original idea of my deck with slight changes. I also have a Swap place. Storm Wind Rider for hard removal like Jinzo and Hulks. Storm Weather Witch against Fury Patch Dimension Door people. Lord D Ring for Turn 4 kill Teams.

    Maybe i will put in an hard removal with Storm Weather witch together or an Gambit.

    But really that is the meta i wanted to go to begin with, i was just blind , sooo blind!

    Note: when i played obelisk the first time , i couldnt summon him even once a whole game day. Like stated he is a God and needs sacrefieces and i will bring him enough !

    And i think an Ultron Drone Rare or Common would make a turn with much Fist Energy hillarious. If there is an hulk, so be it for Rare Drone to get KOd just that Gaia or someone else take him for this turn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Necromanticer View Post
    • You don't need PXG (no one needs PXG)

    No one needs Kobolds either.

    No matter what the card, or the global, is, you should never be taking it because "I need to take it".

    You should be taking it because "it makes my team work better".

    And PXG is an incredible card for making teams work better.

    It is, thus far, the most efficient and reliable source of ramp in the game, and it is available to you on turn one.

    It also thins your bag and makes sure you draw the dice you need to draw.

    Contrast that with Kobolds:

    Not available until turn 3 at the earliest, if you do some shenanigans to get a Kobokd out and fielded on turn 2.

    Fill your bag up with dice that only roll energy 50% of the time, and are pretty useless the rest of the time.

    Does nothing to thin your bag.

    Relies on you drawing them whilst having one fielded.

    Very easy for opponent to remove from the field.

    But, that's not to say you shouldn't take Kobolds.

    You should if they help your team work better and more efficiently.

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    Offcourse PXG is wondeful for what his Global can do you for you and .... your enemy too .. .
    I mean just jumping on Kobold "oh yeah he is only ramping for me" is too harsch, i give you that. But i am considering that he is a tool, i even whant him in the used pile very often. But nonth or less, here is the point, you need him for the Big stuff to purchase once here and there. Afterwards he is just nice energy or a blocker. And that is also good.

    And if dont take Obelisk with me, i would instead take Venom - Angelo Fortunato so that my opponent will fear him even more.

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    I think you took that remark a touch too seriously. I just hate PXG because he warps the game, so I snuck in a snide remark. It wasn't legitimate critique or some sort of muted advice, try to take it down a notch.

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    I think you may be taking my comment too personally, @Necromanticer .

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    @Scorpion0x17 Why is it each time I'm in the forum you seem to have some sort of dispute with another user? Getting a tad old

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    Alright gents, lets remember, text doesn't translate well to attitude. We may all have opinions, but we are here to discuss a great game. Closing this thread as it has run its course.

    BTW, great attitude about learning the game ressless.

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