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    Nasty Boy

    Has it been determined whether or not Nasty Boy triggers himself? I feel like this would be connected to a couple of prior rulings but I can't recall.

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    It was just revealed yesterday that he does not. this is ruling for Retaliation, and not Nasty Boy, but I think timing would be the same.

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    I think the 'other than Mister Sinister' or 'another Villain' text would be required to exclude him. For instance, Venom buffs himself with burst as he is fist and his ability does not state it excludes him.

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    Black Manta + Nasty Boy + Dr. Doom... D:

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    I'm with Gaoler. I would say he does count. He is active when a villain (he) gets KO'd.

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    Spreaking of having 2 or more of him in the field-- if you have two fielded and another villain gets KO'd that still just counts as 1 damage, right?

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    @Ken - The link in the above quoted text is broken, however the initial link still works. Is there an issue with quoted links?

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    Barbain quoted by copying and pasting the text and then adding [quote] [/quote] around the copy and paste. He didn't notice that the link text he copied was incomplete (it had a "..." in the middle).

    When vBulletin created a new link based on his copied and pasted text, it created it to the non-existent shortened version. If he had quoted using the reply button, it would have been just fine. If you don't follow that, I'll come up with an easier to follow example of what happened. Just let me know!

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    Nasty Boy doesn't count himself, eh?

    I should start keeping track of my rule interpretations, and we can just go with the opposite. On a roll, ladies and gentlemen.

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    @Ken Got it. Thanks for the explanation.

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