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Thread: Article: The Transition Zone: Casual to Competitive Play

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    Excellent article! I want to really get my scene going around here that I could see some competitive play!

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    As a fairly new player (4 casual games and 1 op) I'm still getting to grips with the game and it's intricacies.

    I'm already aware that as a one property player ill never be truely competitive (I'm marvel only) but I'm ok with that, any game where im rolling dice is good for me.

    My one op has taught me a lot of things my casual play would never have and these are already filtering through to my casual game and therefore in to the games of the people I play casually with.

    My approach is casual is the time to play characters/combos that I like the idea of whereas competitive play has to be more considered with counters for some other strategies considered. My first op has taught me the value of having at least one way to clear characters from the field that would just sit there!

    I appreciate the differences between the two types but am lucky enough my local op group seem to be incredibly friendly and welcoming and whilst competitive they seem to all be helpful and willing to go out of their way to help both new and established players . I'm already looking forward to trying to persuade a few to come along and give the ops a go in an attempt to try and boost the local community!

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    Isaac, great article. I really like your new logo. This seems like the perfect topic for you to explore and I can't wait for more articles like this. I'm also someone who plays a lot with my 11 year old son. While it is something that we are trying to get my 15 yr old and my wife to play also, but trying not to push to hard. The DC female heroes dice bag your daughter made for me is for my wife as a bribe to get her to want to learn to play. My oldest would be really good at deck building and looking for the combos that make this game so fun. I sense that he is reluctant to do so because he knows what a rabbit hole it will be for him once he gets started.

    @timbowyer Something to consider, as you play more organized events and experience more cards from other sets, think about trading some of your extra Marvel cards for some of your favorites that you play against. Either at the OP event with other players, or here on the Reserve Pool's trading forum. If you can't find anyone to trade for them, many of the commons and uncommons can be bought for less that a dollar from with $0.99 shipping for as many single cards (and matching dice) that you can package into one order. There are some great YuGiOh and D&D cards, but you don't have to commit to buying the whole set, so you can save your money for Age of Ultron.

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    Like Isaac, I never thought I would play competitively having never done anything like that before. All you need is a dedicated set of others learning the game along with you in order to ease your transition from a "kitchen table player" to a player in OP events or other tournaments.

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    What happened , did he went upset about it and how strong your cards are? Well everybody has different views of how to play and once say get it, they will maybe think different or do trying something competitive.

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