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    Constantine Card text

    I was playing my Uncle and he had Constantine Hell Blazer and was wondering how that actually works? Meaning....every turn he can name someone different or the same person as long as he is not knocked out? SO if he had two fielded of those dice he could stop my Wonderwoman and Wolverine each time while he is still active? Hope this makes sense!

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    It is a "While Active" ability, which translates to "While one or more of these dice are in the Field". So it doesn't matter how many dice he has out, he can only do the ability once (per turn).

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    And Constantine's effect only triggers if the named character is fielded on that turn. So he works best to mitigate opposing characters that have strong "When fielded" Gobby. Constantine also gives you a chance to remove a strong character before your opponent has a chance to attack with it.

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