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Thread: I'd like to see Bioshock Infiinite done up as a Dicemasters set

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    Previous relationship definitely increases the likelihood, I'd buy it!

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    I had no idea how much I wanted this until you said something... God that would be incredible!

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    I know, right? I've been spending the day figuring out various cards for it. So many ideas... One action card would have to be a skyhook, an attachable item that zipped your dice around somehow. Not sure what the other item could be, and I know they like releasing 2-4 a set or so...

    You'd probably have to use the plasmids/vigors as basic action cards. Which is perfect, since there's 10 vigors in the game already so it'd be an easy match for the starter set's 10 basic actions.

    Now I'm almost tempted to start posting possible stats and ideas for it...

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    That would be terrific! I spent the time puzzling out and coming up with characters for Dark Souls and that felt incredible. When I released the set, the feedback was great, so there's definitely community interest in fan creations.

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    Okay. So doing some rough work, I think we've got enough for a set if we combine the Bioshocks. A list of potential cards follows;


    Andrew Ryan
    Augustus Sinclair
    Big Daddy
    Big Sister
    Brigid Tenenbaum
    Doctor JS Steinman
    Eleanor Lamb
    Frank Fontaine
    Houdini Splicer
    Jack Wynand
    Little Sister
    Rapture Bathysphere
    Security Bot
    Sander Cohen
    Sofia Lamb
    Spider Splicer
    Subject Delta
    The Utopian


    Automated Stallion
    Automated Turret
    Beast Soldier
    Booker Dewitt
    Boy of Silence
    Columbian Airship
    Cornelius Slate
    Crow Zealot
    Daisy Fitzroy
    Displaced Samurai
    Founder Soldier
    Founder Commandant
    The Lutece Device
    Motorized Patriot
    The Twins
    Vox Populi Rebel
    Zachary Hale Comstock

    (I selected 10 that are kind of representative. They'll work well for basic actions I'm toying with the idea of giving these an equippable use. See possible rule additions below)

    Bucking Bronco
    Devil's Kiss
    Murder of Crows
    Old Man Winter
    Peeping Tom
    Return to Sender
    Shock Jockey

    Set Rules/Additions: I've got two ideas here. The first is for faction abilities, special abilities that apply to all members of a faction.

    In this set, there would be three basic factions - Founders, Rebels, and Automated Security. I'm thinking that Founders get +1 to attack when they're assigned to block, Rebels get +1 to attack when they're assigned to attack, and Automated Security gets +1 defense when blocking. A little simple, but that's fine.

    The second rule addition is Splicing. Give up humanity for flashy benefits!

    In this case, each Bioshock basic action die would have two abilities when rolled. Either a basic effect like any other action die, or an equippable ability. Sock it on a card, and that card gets boosted somehow.

    Anyone got any more characters to throw in there? I think it's a pretty good spread. It comes out to about 40 cards, so I'm thinking that's all we need for this one. But if I've forgotten something, feel free to call it.

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    would buy this or sure Bioshock 1 or 2 would be great to BIG DADDY!!!!!

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