Today, The Destination in Louisville, KY hosted DC OP 2 - The Wrath of J'onn! Ok, it may not have really been called that, but that's neither here nor there. We had 9 players total in the event. I did not, this time, force players to write down teams. But, I will give the best report (from my perspective) that I can with my scattered and beaten brain.

Due to the higher turnout than expected, we drafted with only ten packs per player instead of twelve. My first pile of ten cards were... underwhelming. But here is the team that I drafted:

I went with Casualties to try and make sure I had an "out" if I didn't get enough energy and since my cost curve was so... um... whack and not dope. I was able to draft 3 Cheetah dice, and several Blue Beetle and Firestorm. Spoiler alert: Those are the only character dice I bought for the entire event.

The first game I went up against Kevin. Kevin fielded a mixed team with several heavy hitters. He started early, hitting me with repeatedly with Robin and Red Tornado. His Uncommon Red Tornado really gave him the edge early, as he was churning dice and then charging across the field and slapping me. Eventually, though, I was able to get my damage engine of Cheetah/Beetle/Firestorm working, and I narrowly won with only 4 life remaining.

The second game was against Mike. He was also using Cheetah - Cursed Archaeologist, as well as Vibe - Paco. Vibe was a beast. At one point, I had a decent wall of chump blockers (and an anemic Blue Beetle). Vibe was able to activate his damaging ability, clearing my blockers and letting his 7/7 self shake me to the ground. I had a chance, as I was clinging to 2 life, with an open field on his side and with me rolling 8 dice (including 2 Cheetahs, 1 Beetle, and 1 Firestorm). I whiffed on my first roll, getting nothing but energy. I rerolled EVERYTHING, and whiffed again. He pumped up a sidekick and finished me off with ease. I was now at 1-1 for the day.

My last game was against Nick. Nick, who in the previous week fed me my face with his common Punisher Punishment team. This was Nick's first draft event, but he had a strong team that centered around beefy sidekicks bolstered by Stargirl. I was able to weather his initial onslaught and get the bolt machine bolting again, and after a few bad rolls on his part, finished him.

My 2-1 record was good enough for 3rd place, and a Constantine prize card. Mike, he-who-slapped-me-around-in-game-2, was the winner of the event after a special sudden death play off round with the other 3-0 player on the day Steven.

All in all, I think it was a good day of Dice Masters and rowdy rolling. My streak of lucky rolling came crashing to an end, but that's ok. Everyone had fun, and that's the best thing ever.