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Thread: My Gobby, Your Tsarina, Lets do it

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    My Gobby, Your Tsarina, Lets do it

    Opened an AVX feed yesterday. I was really hoping to pull a Tsarina, but alas, I did not.

    However, I did pull a Gobby which I do not need, so I am now hoping to turn that into a Tsarina.

    So...what do ya say...any takers? A swap of the two big heavyweights from AVX? Anyone got a spare Tsarina out there?

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    I still got my extra Gobby kicking around. I would still prefer a Tsarina is a straight up swap, but since I only pulled one SR from my AOU feed (gladiator), I would also consider a Zombie Magneto or Jacosta with a few extra carrots to even value out.

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    I have an extra Thanos and a ton of other stuff that I could throw in. Are you married to the Tsarina or are you interested in any other trades?

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