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    Cycling Dice

    I know this is a rule, just can't find it in the rule book....

    Where does it say not to re-fill the dice bag with "used" dice from the current turn?


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    It doesn't. But dice you spend or actions you use go out of play until the end of your turn. So anything that would cause you to refill mid-turn, doesn't include those, because they don't hit your used pile until the end of turn.

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    Okay, where does it say spent dice and used action dice are out of play until end of turn. And, as a player, where do you place those out of play dice to keep them separate?

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    Age of Ultron rulebook

    page 6
    Out of Play: Nothing can happen to dice here. Energy spent during your turn goes here, so do Action Dice you use during your turn or unblocked characters.

    Used Pile: Dice here have been used up. At the end of your turn, all dice Out of Play are moved here. When you spend energy during your opponent’s turn, it goes directly here. Dice here are returned to your bag when you would try to draw a die but cannot.
    page 8
    Spending Energy
    To pay energy during your turn, move dice showing that much energy from your Reserve Pool to Out of Play. Those dice will go to your Used Pile during Cleanup. You can also pay energy during your opponent’s turn, but that energy goes directly into your Used Pile. You can’t choose to spend energy for no reason.
    page 9
    Playing Actions
    You may use the action faces on your action dice during your Main Step. To do so, apply the effect and then move the action die from your Reserve Pool to Out of Play (it will go to your Used Pile at the end of the turn). It costs no energy to use an action die.
    Some people, including myself, have created custom play mats where the Used Pile section has been divided to include an Out of Play/Transit Zone area. I've seen others use the Dice Bag area of the official play mats as their Out of Play area.

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    It's called "Out of play" (it used to be known as the "Transit Zone" or "In Transition"). It is not in the AvX Rulebook because it came about after that. Here is the latest online rulebook:

    See pages 5-6 about Play Areas.

    Some people place them off their playmat, some people use the "Dice Bag" section at the bottom, other people that have made custom playmats include an "Out of Play" section, usually as part of the Used Pile.

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    Thanks for the answers. Great community here!

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