Here is a team I put together for my little cup tournament. Looking for help to see if I have over looked any glaring holes I may have missed. Link is to the team with Dice distribution. Included ideal scenario for on each turn.

Wolverine - Double attack when blocked (win condition)
Wonder woman - select target villain to block target attacking character (make sure wolverine is blocked)
Lantern Power Ring - global target opposing character gains villain affiliation (give target villain affiliation)
Injection Fairy Lady - vanilla (used for fist energy at worst)
PXG - (ramp)
Red Dragon - global (purchase Anger issues)
Human Paladin - protection (for the distraction/relentless teams)
Storm - global (protection against polymorph)

Cone of Cold - pay fist Global blocked character gains +2A
Anger Issues - +3A and Overcrush

Goal is to get out wolverine and force a blocker with wonder woman. Use Anger Issues and cone of cold to buff wolverine.

Turn 1 use Dragon global to get anger issues and PXG
Turn 2 get purchase wonder woman and PXG twice
Turn 3 purchase wolverine, hope to get our wonder woman
Turn 4 get the Wolverine Combo with anger issues and buff with AI global and CoC global, swing for tons of dmg!