Constantine Season Finale, Season 1 Episode 13
SPOLERS AHEAD! Don't read any further if you don't want to have anything spoiled.

So...Constantine. Here's the deal: I love this show. I also know it's not that good. But, since I'm being frank, supernatural shows are my general weakness and I tend to forgive them a whole lot more wrongs than other shows (i.e. Gotham). Like I said, it's a weakness and I admit that. I think Constantine has a lot of good going for it. It's also a little campy and a lotta bit troupe-y. It works for me.

Except this "season finale" was just about a half step above terrible.

The problem is simple and evident. As you probably know, Fox canned Constantine, but they're considering reviving it for SyFy. So, this being Episode 13, we don't get ourselves a proper season finale. We get something that's rushed and cobbled together in order to get the point across - the point that "this isn't over" and the shocking truth behind the rising darkness. Even for me this was too rushed and cobbled together. It felt like every minute of the episode was chock full of, "We wanted this to be a two-episode arc full of information, but you have to get it in 2 minutes. Sorry. We got canceled. :/" So what happened?

Well, there's a serial killer whose abducting and killing children in some sort of satanist ritual.

That's...that's it. That's the finale baddie. But wait - there's more!

Detective Jim Corrigan is back and Zed sees him dying in her visions over again, but she doesn't want to tell him. Papa Midnite is trying to cash in on an underworld bounty on John - so he sends a zombie, who fails, and then he goes after John with...a shotgun. Oh, and here comes benevolent angel Manny. He's the one who wants to see John succeed in his fight against the Brucharia...and at the end, he informs good ole Papa Midnite that he is the boss of the Brucharia.


Again, there're probably a lot more story arcs that were meant to be tied up with this episode, arcs that didn't happen because, again, cancellation. Overall this episode wasn't even close to the type of finale this show deserved. I'm disappointed, but I guess part of me is hopeful because it didn't have the same absolutely "Sorry, we're probably not coming back" ending that Supernatural Season 1 did. Don't believe me? Just watch it for yourself.

3/5 because it's Constantine and because I believe the series will be coming back! I believe it!