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Thread: Prepping for my first D&D Rainbow Draft

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    Prepping for my first D&D Rainbow Draft


    So, in less than 2 weeks, I'll be attending my first D&D Rainbow Draft. After listening to the latest episode of the Attack Zone (and the breakdown of their hypothetical first 6 packs) I realized that I have no real plan or idea of what to take and what to avoid.

    So, does anyone have any advice or links to great info to get me prepared to get smacked around at my FLGS?

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    Commons and uncommons I'd be excited to draft: common Copper Dragon, common Elf wizard, common Human Paladin, uncommon Kobold, uncommon Half-Orc Fighter (if you see lots of gear on the table), common or uncommon Purple Worm, any Red Dragon, uncommon Zombie

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    My successful DnD drafts have always picked up two strategies. I pick up good characters and Dragons. Fitting into both of these is Copper dragon.

    Grab a dwarf cleric or two and you can nulify undead teams so fast
    Don't forget a human paladin for his ability to slow down big breath weapons, or to prevent globals from wrecking your team.

    Lastly, choose good basic actions to proc your blue Dragons and elf wizards.

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    Cone of Cold is my BAC of choice in the DnD set, then perhaps resurection.

    Also, I really try to avoid kobolds and stirges. If my opponent brings distraction, my wienies become solid xp, and most of the things I plan toward don't use fists anyway (green dragon being an exception).

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    I thought, at first, that Kobolds would be nice for the ramp... but, upon review and thinking of the logistics of drafting four dice, think he might be a skipper. I reserve four dice drafting to Hank Pym (in all his various forms).

    The BACs for this event will be limited to D&D only. I really like Resurrection for the global of course, but I think I'll hold off until I see what I get. I am thinking, after looking at all this, that I might shoot for an all Good and mostly-adventurers team. I have seen what experience can do in an all D&D environment, and I want in on that action.

    I appreciate all the good info fellers.

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    I have played in three D&D drafts, and twice Umber Hulks were the key win condition. Once it was the uncommon Umber Hulk. Using the resurrection global he would try to buy it turn two, and hope for fielding turn three to really slow down the opponent. It also hits for a lot. For the draft that I won I also used the Umber Hulk, only the rare version. It cleared the field and then I used polymorph to spin him up to level three.

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