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Thread: Article: Year One Contest Update!

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    458! I'm nearly in the top 20, woohoo!

    So where is Crestfallen getting all of his or her points? Mad contributing? I'd like a pie chart, please!

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    I'm just now coming into this and finding I have 0 chance of getting close to the top 20 lol. In any case, time to start contributing!

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    Remember these chances are like tickets in the 50/50 bucket. Someone with fewer chances could still win big.

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    Shocked I'm at 13. Cool contest. Thanks TRP team!

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    It is fun, but serious props to the top 3. I know they have been working on the wiki like mad. I have had personal life take away my time, but get ready because once I get some AOU boxes open (buying 2 boxes at 10am tomorrow), I will be writing a lot. Plus I will have two tourney reports out by the end of the weekend, (possibly 3) Two rainbow drafts and one constructed Marvel Tourney.

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    This contest is a brilliant idea. Awesome that I'm in the Top 20.

    I used to do a lot of writing for various things back in the day. I miss it a lot actually, but life has gotten busy and time isn't as free as it used to be.

    This contest is providing incentive though...I recently had an epic game of DM I'd love to turn into a blog post. Hopefully I'll get to it soon before it fades from memory...

    Thanks TRP team for all the hard work you do!

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