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Thread: Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn

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    Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn

    Anyone else excited for Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn from Plaid Hat Games? I was definitely drawn in by the art but I do quite enjoy the dice as energy mechanic and I think it might finally be a way to kick the Magic habit that always seems to come back to me. Which excites me because it is an LCG format. Anyway, just thought I would share this to see if anyone else is thinking of picking it up!

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    I've been thinking about pre-ordering this from Plaid Hat. I think the game looks really good and I really want to try it. The only thing holding me back is I don't know who I would play it with. It would most likely sit on the shelf taunting me.

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    I demoed this at origins, and while it was good it was too similar to other card games I already play to be different enough for me to get. I get my fill with Star Realms, Trains, Legendary, Epic and some others I this area. It just didn't itch any scratches I thought I had. Dice Masters has hit that MtG void for me well.

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    I'm excited about this one and I'm hoping to develop a small community at one of our local stores for it, try to run some demos when it comes out then try and have some tournaments and/or drafts. We'll see how it goes.

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    I have it pre-ordered. Was hoping it would have been out by now.

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    I think the release date is during Gencon, they should be shipped around then I would think.

    I preordered Dead of Winter last year, it's release date was the same time frame, Gencon, I got it shortly after Gencon.

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    Just got an email the other day my preorder shipped!

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    My copy came on Monday. I played it three times yesterday and lost every time. I love this game.

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    I think it looks neat but I'm not pursuing it. I may give Vs. a look but just for fun.

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    I've been loving Ashes. The dice pool, for your economy/mana, is an awesome idea.

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    Yeah, I've decided to pursue it. The release schedule appeals to me.

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    Tried it. Didn't really dig it, but I'd be willing to give it a second chance.

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    I'm intrigued by meditating, the dice as resources, and the first five. The release schedule is pretty great too, as compared to other games that we know...

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    I ordered it awhile back but the package got lost in the mail; figuring that out now.

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    If anyone is interested there is a podcast about Ashes. Here is the latest episode.

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    Now that Ashes has started to hit retail stores, has anyone played in any Organized Play events?

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    I have yet to get it but it'll be in my next CSI order along with Data and Destiny for Netrunner, Roll for the Galaxy, and La Granja. Some of the Netrunner folk at my local shop are looking for something lighter to play on the side and the release schedule of Ashes might fit the bill. Looks easy to teach at any rate.

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    I've played a few games with my roommate. Ashes is really fun and runs really smoothly. Haven't played enough to know how I feel about it, yet. A little worried about balance at the outset.

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    Mine's on it's way. Already getting excited.

    Anyone interested in getting some content together for this? Just throwing some ideas around...

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    FINALLY received it. MAN this game looks great. The artwork on the cards is just wow.

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    Has anyone made any awesome decks yet?

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    I've actually rescinded my recommendation at this point. I have cooled on the dice mechanism. I thought it would be a tighter design but I found myself wanting to play Netrunner instead.

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