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Thread: If you weren't excited about Jared Leto playing Joker before...

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    If you weren't excited about Jared Leto playing Joker before... should be now. I know, I know! I'm a Ledger-aholic, too! But the guy calls the Joker Shakespeare! He GETS it.

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    I so want this movie to be good, but I feel it will fall in line with other DC movies that turn out terrible. I love Leto, from Requiem to 30 seconds, he is awesome. As Joker, probably also awesome in his own right. But it's one of the few movies that I have no interest in, or care about. My opinion could change between now and when it comes out but probably not much.

    But to agree with you, Leto will be great Joker!

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    I hope this movie is the first of many big DC blockbusters that do well. Competition drives better product.

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    See, early on, DC was killing it compared to a lot of the Marvel movies. Then Joss Whedon happened. While I like the concept of the MCU, I don't think Avengers was that good.

    This video below was pretty much my feelings on Avengers. Especially the "blind from admitting criticism" part and the "excitement of Iron Man repairing a spaceship for 20 minutes," and the first :25 being boring. I mean, it wasn't a BAD movie, not at all, but it's far from Joss Whedon's best work and certainly not the be-all-end-all of Superhero movies that people claim it to be.

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    Huh. I absolutely adored Avengers, but I also didn't expect it to be very good going in.

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