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Thread: Team vs Team - Wording Card Abilities

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    Team vs Team - Wording Card Abilities

    So i just wanted ask about some
    wordings and maybe misunderstandings we had yesterday in our Session.

    We played 2 vs 2. Everything went well until it came to the Wording of several card abilities.

    Everybody was asking in the group what Abilities is for whom. So which Opponent and which own characters.

    Example for clear and unclear Texts.

    Human Paladin - Lesser: "While active, your characters in the field cannot be affected by global abilities used by your opponent. Global: Pay . Reduce the damage you take from a character's ability to 1."

    Rules for Doubles say, you can only attack the opponent on the direct opposite of the table. So the one in front me.

    The While Active Ability says "your characters" so it is clear, only my characters, not the ones from my teammate. But also the text mentions "used by your opponent".

    So does this mean Opponent as singular and the one i can attack and vice versa or Opponent as a complete one so Team- meaning?

    Another example.:

    Some abilites have the wording: "opponent's" and i am not so good with english in this case, but does it mean only one enemy? I think yes. But here again, does it mean i can choose from the characters of both opponents?

    Umberhulk - paragon has a really clear text:
    "When fielded, reroll all opposing level 1 and 2 characters. Move each die that shows an energy face to your opponent's used pile."

    I think there are even more cards that maybe are not so clear for doubles or mayb iam just misinterpreting it. ^^'

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    Agreed, that is the problem with doubles right now. This stuff IS unclear. It's extraordinarily fun, or it would be if this stuff made more sense.

    What it seemed at Worlds was that "your" referred to your team.

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    The safest method would be to assume You only refered to the activating player, and any time a game effect refered to your opponent, it would apply to a single opponent.

    I'm not saying that this is how it should be, only that it will lead you to the least rules stumbles as the game is worded and designed for 1v1 play.

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