I Thought this might be a fun talk.

We all remember this guy

@Dave made it into the top 8 of nationals with this guy. Well we did not see him as a top tier team at Worlds, well now that AOU is out I think we are going to see him back. Why?

Well there is Iron Man: Tinhead who is at level 3 2/6/4 for 4, Captain Marvel Maj. Carol Danvers who at level 3 is a 3/6/7 for 5, but what really cinches it for me is Giant Man Dr. Henry Prm a level 3 of 2/7/7 for 3, Shield Agent Need to Know Basis who gives an addition reroll of Avengers in the roll reroll step. and our Mini Jinzo Wasp who does one point for every global your opponent uses. This gives you a whole lot of options, Not to mention the ability to give the Avengers Affiliation to any character using infiltrate three cost basic action to give affiliation or the more well loved Shield Helicarrier which gives the Avengers affiliation with a +3 attack bonus and unblockable by villains.

I mean how do you stop all of this? Well there are some cards the New Scarlet Witch OP card, or the Enchantress do nasty things to Avengers but is it enough to stop Patch?

The other card that we all know and love is

Well now there are not one but two 2 cost bolt characters Pepper Pots and Shield Agents. Both with really small fielding costs, add in Jocosta:Patterned after Janet and you have the start of a danerous bolt team.

Well I just wanted to throw out some ideas I have after opening my Feeds.

What do you guys think are going to be big players this set? What from the old sets do you think are going to become big?