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    Choose up to 8 cards. You can choose any mix of characters and actions (except Basic actions),
    and you can mix teams, etc. However, you cannot choose more than one card with
    the same title on it, even if the cards have different subtitles. For example, if you choose
    Iron Man, Philanthropist, you cannot also choose Iron Man, Inventor.
    Negative, only one version per toon.

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    The lone exception, technically: Marvel Girl and Phoenix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRPDave View Post
    The lone exception, technically: Marvel Girl and Phoenix.
    Jean Grey and her daughter?

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    Dave means that "Phoenix" and "Marvel Girl" are the same character in the comics... they are both Jean Grey. And then there's the opposite, being able to have Hulk and Red Hulk on the same team, since they are different characters. Nevermind that they use the same dice.

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    I've had the HULK/RED HULK debate with one of my friends many, many, many times. It's so frustrating because the die is the same and their both 'Hulks'. It's not the's the title of the card. They could introduce Dark Phoenix and you could use it on a team with Marvel Girl and Phoenix. Different titles even though it's the same character.

    Just like in DC, I'm sure we'll see Robin combined with Nightwing, Red Hood, Spoiler and Red Robin. They've all been Robin in addition to their current personas.

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