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Thread: Article: TRP Podcast 59: Running Events

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    OBELISK WHYYYY!!! When i first played him, i couldn't summon him the whole day, not in any of my four matches. I lost because when you buy him without a BEWD, it destroys your ramp one turn and you need 2 turns to build it up again.
    I guess, i was not worthy that time. Maybe i didn't sacrefieced enough Monsters with enough Purchase cost for him(this YGO theme^^) and also he is a Agyptian GOD and can only summoned by Kaiba.

    After that i had an Idea for the Dicetower i made out of a Starter-set-Box. The Idea came from Avengers 2. If i am not worthy maybe the Dicetower is?!?
    And yes the Starterbox is worthy to summon him. Well ok, I have sacrefiece 1 - 3 Sheeps or goats (not real ones!^^) everytime i want to bring him to field. But thats ok for winning, except the cleaning afterwards.

    Sounds crazy i know but it is trueee!!

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    recognizing when to mix up the event themes to keep unlimited nights fresh is also important. Utilizing a local FB site to gather the communities ideas for themes is a great way to determine which people prefer and to vet them.

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