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Thread: Update on At a Loss

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    Update on At a Loss

    This was the most recent idea for my .....control deck? I dont know what it is. I just call it Control with Brute Force

    My hesitation with this deck was the use of DCK global being used on me. I had to put in considering I need Wolverine to strike hard because of my distraction Global.
    With some thinking I had a bit of an idea to tax my opponent. I figured I would take out DKC and just replace it for . Cheap Masks for my Swords of Revealing Light and distraction. I'd swing in with Wolverine. Its a win-win with Jinzo out. I swing hard, if Wolverine gets through that's great. If they use distraction on him, I have no problem, taxed them 2 life.

    Currently its this in idea

    Might even replace Wolverine for this old guy

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    Mayba you can trade away Black Manta for the Common Wasp to synergies with her? But if you need the Fists for Wolvi and Deadpool i can unterstand that.

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    Which wasp?
    Ill find out Saturday during my draft.

    I kept the black manta because he's a cheap beefy blocker that has a nice taxing effect. That's if I can keep him alive. I also see it as a small

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    Wasp: The Winsome Wasp against Globals. or Lord of D. Dragon Protector.

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    Lord of D dragon protector combined with the Ring of Magnetism? I think the Wasp your talking about is Founding Avenger.

    While Wasp is active, when your opponent uses a Global Ability, she deals them 1 damage.
    Global: Once per turn, you may pay 2 to deal 1 damage to a character or player.

    I did think about using her but I rather have Jinzo because how beefy he is.

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    No i mean the Winsome Wasp. "Your opponent can't target Wasp with Global Abilities.

    Global: Pay to deal 1 damage to a character."

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    Hmmm, attach her with Ring of Magnetism. Then I can pay 1 to hit Black Manta pinging him.

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    Do you mean her global? Well thats 2 generic Energy, if not, i never sayed something.^^

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    Magic Missile + BMD = easy direct damage. Toss in Iceman TCFW and you've got a nice supply of missile ammo. If you want some cheap unblockable brute force, go with the rare Injection Fairy Lily.

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    I recently went to my local game shop and tried out my team. It didnt do too bad but I was severely lacking in energy most of the time. I won after striking with Wolverine for Lethal but that game took over 2 hours and a half. My friends and I talked it over and the big problem was Wolverine. I'm spending too much just to field him and then I need to use swords to do damage. So Im kicking him out and instead went with a different win condition. So one of my other favorite cards to return is Punisher. My friends and I talked over and decided that Jinzo is an enabler and siphons life but its not a win condition. Yes I did think about the Rare Wasp but with Jinzo he has better stats and also siphons 2 life from just global's and actions. Harder to kill and hits harder.

    Also prismatic spray doesnt work against Ring Of Magnetism. It attacks everything and I'm going to be stuck there. I could check out one character for this guy but I probably wont need it. My new deck already stalls as it is so I can handle one turn.

    So here's my new team.

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