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    Any way to import your collection into a web browser on an iOs device?

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    I don't think it is possible in the current state. The iOS browser allows only images to be uploaded in the file upload dialog (which is used now for the import function). I was thinking about either encoding the exported collection in a link (it would be fairly long, but I think most browsers can handle much longer still) or in an image file. I never got to it because I wasn't even sure if anybody is using the collection function (besides me) as I didn't get much feedback on it.
    I had bigger plans for the collection function and this web app in general, but I don't work much on it anymore as there is more in my hobby project stack. I made the web template for DM recently and currently I am working on a PnP version of '13 Days' kickstarter game and my own expansion map for Railways of the World plus 4 other board game related project in the fridge.

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