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Thread: Subreddit for finding vassal games

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    Subreddit for finding vassal games

    I recently started a subreddit geared towards helping people find games. I don't know any html so it looks like garbage, but it serves its purpose. I'm just trying to help it gain some traction. So, if you like the idea, spread the word!

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    I am totally down for this! Here's hoping it pans out.

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    I am happy to hear more people are getting involved. So many times on the Facebook Groups, I hear people saying Vassal S&@&s, Dice Masters should be using X System. For what it does, Vassal is pretty Amazing. But I think I have a different perspective about the software. I have seen the guts of several systems. There is a reason it continues to remain in Vassal. Yes, I could port the cards and dice to several different platforms like Cockatrice, OCTGN, and Lackey. But why? Card Images are not going to change. Yes, I could make them 5X bigger from my card scans than what they are today. I could also refactor the images and dice today and the game platform would just bloat. Anyway, it is great to see things like this or like Shadowmeld's idea of being in Chat on Vassal more.

    Very cool @systemkill.

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    No problem! I think vassal is really good for the community and can only be good for helping the meta develope. It's helped me get to know people like Necromanticer who have really helped me step up my game. So, I just want to spread the love and play more games ha-ha.

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