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Thread: Tonight is the First Rainbow Draft, What are you guys looking to pull?

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    Tonight is the First Rainbow Draft, What are you guys looking to pull?

    So I have been thinking about what to pull for the draft tonight.

    Other than SR,

    I have on my List
    Ultron Drone 1001110101010
    Wasp (rare)
    Giant Man (any of him)
    Loki (Common)

    What do you guys think are some great draft cards?

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    Rare Starhawk and Uncommon Captain Marvel are both characters you could draft first, and build around succesfully. Uncommon Drone is another.

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    Ditto to @Randy ... I like common Captain Marvel too. I actually took common Gamora first pick tonight and did well. Should have the write up posted this weekend. Frankly, depending on the size of the pool and the dice available, I'm not sure (though I reserve the right to change my mind!) that there's one CUR that I would say is first pick no matter what. You might have some hard choices...

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    I did very well with the uncommon Starhawk and the common giant man.

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    2015 Canadian and 2016 US National Champion

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    I think uncommon Captain Marvel and common Giant Man is a solid strategy. One guy in our draft used focus power to ensure Giant Man stayed at a higher level. Uncommon Pepper Potts helped mitigate Giant Man for me.

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    If you're playing with basic actions from any set, go uncommon Wasp. Holy crap she's good. With globals that allow you to buff her or force characters unable to block, while making her stronger... it's nasty. So what if you can only use a global once each turn to buff her. it doesn't take long to get 2 Wasps in the field, use 2 or 3 globals, and attack.

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    I went for uncommon Beast last night, had three of them cycling regularly, but was pretty disappointed at how well he did on the whole. He did do some decent work in a game vs. rare Wasp.

    I also had Ultron and Uncommon Drone as my main win con and they worked decently. Did somewhere from 8-10 damage in one game just on two captures, which is pretty nasty. My other win was mostly just Ultron smashing his face into my opponent repeatedly.

    Common Loki did less across all players than I would have thought. He's probably going to have more usefulness in unlimited. Think I'd aim for the Uncommon in a rainbow if I have the chance since this set has so little removal.

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    A lot of my team was geared towards ramp. I had common Captain Marvel, uncommon Jocasta, and rare Beast. Beast was a disappointment. I used him a lot in the first game and overtime I drew a die it rolled energy, so it went to the used pile. Other times I knew that my next pull would be a good die so I wouldn't attack with Beast because I didn't want to risk it going to the Used Pile.

    Captain Marvel worked well after I was able to purchase her. It was pretty easy to get dice into Prep with her. I also did well with uncommon Jocasta and Magic Missile. It allowed me to prep enough dice so I could ramp up to the Zombie Magneto I was lucky enough to draft. With their high defense, Jocasta and Captain Marvel were also good for countering the Hulk Out basic action.

    I was able to go 3-0 and got first pick from the prize packages which resulted in a Zombie Red Skull.

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