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Thread: 16/07 Gamebreakers Ottawa Age of Ultron Rainbow Draft (My results)

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    16/07 Gamebreakers Ottawa Age of Ultron Rainbow Draft (My results)

    I only managed to get my results because it slipped my mind until the end of the night, but I can at least show off what I brought, how much of what I had and how I made it work. I managed to place first in the rainbow draft and received the special prize for the evening, a super rare Zombie Electro along with plenty of packs. Here was my team:

    Black Widow: Oktober 1 die
    When fielded, choose a character die. That die can't block this turn.

    Captain Marvel: Maj. Carol Danvers 1 die
    When Captain Marvel deals combat damage, draw a die and put it in your Prep Area.

    Iron Man: Tinhead 1 die
    Iron Man gets +1A for each opposing active Villain.
    Global: Pay to make 1 character a until end of turn.

    Loki: Loki Laufeyson 2 dice
    While Loki is active, once per turn you may pay to deal 1 damage to a character. That character loses all of its abilities until end of turn. You may use this ability whenever you could use a Global Ability.

    Moondragon: Heather Douglas 3 dice
    Teamwatch - When you field a character who shares an affiliation with Moondragon, she gets +2D this turn.

    Beast: Bouncing Blue Beast 2 dice
    If Beast is KO'd while attacking, gain 2 life.

    S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent: Need to Know Basis 2 dice
    * During your Roll and Reroll step, you may reroll any number of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents or character dice.

    Spider-Woman: Pheromones 2 dice
    Teamwatch - when you field a character who shares an affiliation with Spider-Woman, you may KO her to KO all opposing fielded characters with a fielding cost of 0. Gain 1 life for each character KO'd this way.

    My basic action cards were:

    Power Bolt: Basic Action Card
    Deal 2 damage to one target character or player.

    Transfer Power: Basic Action Card
    Roll a character die from your used pile. If it rolls a character face, field it at no cost. Otherwise, place it in your bag.
    Global: Pay . Swap the attack value of one of your characters with that of one opposing character.

    So as you may be able to notice, I got handed some very, very, very weird packs. I was able to first pick the spider-woman because she is incredibly powerful for dealing with weenie characters, so I decided to try and aim to build around her. Unfortunately, the rainbow decided to work against me and I did not see much of the black widow dice make their way to me, so cheap avengers were few and far between. Because of what I did manage to get, such as the loki, I decided I would build a defensive team based around using beast for lifegain, walling up and lobbing powerbolts at my opponent, while controlling the field with loki and transfer power. Safe to say, that works very very well. I did actually manage to pull the rare beast from one of the draft packs, but I feel that the uncommon is much more valuable because of how easy it is to take a hit here or there this set.

    Giant man is a crazy card, which is what prompted me to play transfer power. I saw quite a few of his dice in the rainbow but didn't manage to pick up any for myself, so transfer power let me sneak up on people and turn my sidekicks that no one would ever think to block into monstrous 7 attack beaters. Overcrush is a huge theme in this set, and it's global easily let's you dodge at the last second and transfer the attack onto one of your characters after they drop an anger issues or hulk out.

    Round 1 (1-0)

    Played against a team focusing on Red Skull, who, in a draft format, is pretty big for his purchase cost. A bunch of them on field meant bad news, but I was able to lob beasts and power bolts at his team until I got a very close 7 life to 0 win.

    Round 2 (2-0)

    Played against a team built around Giant Man. The player was fairly new and brought the basic action card "nasty plot", but didn't choose to buy any, even after seeing me quickly scoop up the first 2 asap. I managed to buy all 3 copies, and was quickly rolling 8 dice a turn, and overwhelmed them with sheer advantage. Once they did field giant man at 7 7, I threw a sidekick at them and they chose not to block it, which gave me the opportunity to transfer power for a 7 damage strike. Next turn I threw the rest of my board at the wall and secured victory. Beast put in a lot of work that game, giving me 8 life back total.

    Round 3 (3-0)

    Played against an avengers team with lots of overcrush, but once again, transfer power saves the day and allows me to poke with characters until I had a killshot ready.

    Overall impressions and draft advice:

    Uncommon Beast is great
    Common Captain Marvel is incredible, solid stats on a 5 cost and provides some ramp/churn when dealing combat damage.
    Common Loki is amazing, in both draft and constructed
    Black Widow is extremely powerful, pick up a bunch of her whenever you can to control blockers and pressure your opponent
    Not terribly likely to show up, but if you can get her, rare spider-woman DESTROYS boards full of shield agents, sidekicks and pepper potts. A board clearer perfect for weenie-rush teams, combos amazingly well with black widow: Oktober

    Overall, everyone had a great time and I handed out extra prizes to participants for being great sports throughout the evening. This will become a regular monthly event with constructed events on every other Thursday night. We had a 6 person draft pod and it went very smoothly. This set can be kind of awkward to draft, there ARE archetypes that you can draft into but they require rares to be effective. It isn't spelled out for you from your first pack like Justice League is. I truly believe that this set comes down to creative plays and wisely choosing your basic actions, and it's great fun.

    Let me know if you have any questions or think I missed something.

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    Great report!

    Transfer Power is a sneaky one. Good usage!

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    Great report!! Good purchase curve, will steal this information for Monday's draft!

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