Heyho Folks, i just wanted to show how i am store my dice and cards away. (and yes it is the same as on BGG , but here iam more active).

I bought from are common electrical store here in germany called "Conrad" some plastic boxes, one was big enough to hold cards for 4,5 and the other just for dice for 1,5. But man i hated it to take with me this box and that box oh and my dice bags and also my tray for rolling. It was like preparing a big board game everytime i wanted to create fast up a deck for a match.

So my objective was clear: Create a Storage- Solution for Cards, the dice and additional stuff. But it should not be too big and open by accident through transport.

So i looked for a box, medium-small size and with a good opening closing function.

The first thing was easy to find. Many Ebay auctions gave me a lot variety to choose from. The problem is, it was a Box to open on the small sides..... .
So i took my tape, a scissor and a cutter knife and made 2 Cuts for the side to open it from the top.

After this i put tape everywhere, to strengthen it. And This is a really useful tip from me to not use duct tape, because it can tear itself apart sometimes and you have so much rest of glue on your box and fingers sometimes. Also normal pakage tape will tighten up when you put some layers over.

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Then i put on 4 Neodyme Magnets to close it nice and smoothly.

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After this i divided the inside space. Left side for Cards and the right side for dice.

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So i took me some foamcore, measuring and a little bit time and glue to get there, but i divided the areas with 1 Wall and for the dice i cutted some bottom layers out with cardstock at the end to hold the dice in line. I also added some dividers for the Cards-section and holder place in the wall to hold them up.

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I hope i can bring a little bit creativity to you guys and you enjoyed the pictures.

Note: I will create a bigger one from a Metalcase for Tools, because i this box is complete full right now <.<

Greetings Tom