o i think AVX DM is the most frequented here on BGG so i post my idea here, maybe somone already did it and never posted it somewhere on the big WWW Screen.

So here my idea for a cheap, simple and fast build Dice Tower made out 1 Starter Set Box and 1 Boosterpack and the best, without a single drop of glue!

1x Starter Set Box (empty)
2x White Papercard from 1 Boosterpack
and some dice for testing.

1x Sharp Knive or Cutter

Step 1: Preparing the Box and customize it to a Tower

First cut off the paper on the top of the box to make it a flat entry for the dice.
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Then Bend the Top Sides of your tower for use to the inside to have your top ramp/stair or whatever you wanna call it.

Then if you want(this is an Extra step you dont have to do) you can cut something like a half circle or V-Cut on the top back to let the dice fall in better.

The last cut will be down on the front for the exit of the tower.

So in summary 5 cuts for your Tower.

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Step 2: Creating a fence and a ramp for the down falling dice with the white papercards.

First make 4 cuts on one of the two papercards. 2 near the down side of the card with the same distance. It will be holdingthe fence fin the inside of the tower.

Then make 2 cuts at the top of the card but a little bit more distance to the top.

Then Fold the top, left and right side up except the 2 pins at the bottom.

I made some lines on the picture so you can imagine it better
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Last point here is put in the fence-card and then other papercard at bottom. Try to make it a flat ramp or like in my case a little bit curvy.

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Step 3: Rolling and Testing

See without the fence they rolling.... wayyyy to fast, even over my whole table if i dont stop them.

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But with the fence they roll and stay in place after it. Sure if you smash them in like hulk the probably will jump over the fence, but you also flattened your tower, table and maybe your opponent with only one (smash)-throw!(Man i hate hulk in this game, but god he is so uber heroe!).

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Ok that was much text, here summary of this all:
Step 1. Collect underpants.
Step 2. ?
Step 3. PROFIT!!!

ah wrong Series whistle

Step 1: Cut the box
Step 2: cut 1 paper, bend it to fence, stick both papers inside and one of them is ramp at the bottom.
Step 3: Use it and show it to your friends or at the next DM- Meeting!

- Recycling already dead Wood is good!
- Cheap,Simple,Fast Made!
- No Glue!!!
Not so sturdy and stable
Not Waterproof(but how can dead wood swim then?_? )

Addition Note: I created a Second with Glue and 2 more Ramps and a little bit sand under the ground ramp for more stability and standing weight.

Greetings Tom