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Thread: Gearing Up vs. Nasty Plot

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    Gearing Up vs. Nasty Plot

    Gearing Up
    Draw two dice from your bag and roll them (place them in your reserve pool).

    Nasty Plot
    Draw 2 dice and put them into your Prep Area.

    Gearing Up and Nasty Plot are very similar in that they both let you draw 2 dice. With Gearing Up you get to roll them once and they are available to use that turn. Nasty Plot puts them into your Prep Area for next turn, but you'll have the opportunity to do a roll and reroll with them.

    Do you feel one of these is better than the other?

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    I think both are dangerous, high risk, high reward cards, but I would argue for gearing up being better than nasty plot. If you bring either of these cards, the first 3 turns will no doubt consist of buying them as quickly as possible. By the time you start seeing them (on your third turn) you need to start getting characters and focusing on your end condition. Gearing up, while not goving you a reroll, gives you immediate energy to purchase characters with, allowing you to end the game much faster.

    Not to say I think either should be played as they practically guarantee that the player who goes first will win the game.

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    Why would you need to buy multiples? Couldn't you just plan on buying one or two and then buy big things after? If you had red dragon, and the thing you are ramping to clears boards, wouldn't that be good enough. For example, gearing up into blue dragon that does damage to everything.

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    Weird. I just wrote a small piece on this. Here are my thoughts.

    Gearing Up VS Nasty Plot.

    Gearing Up is junk. It's one of those cards that they put in that looks good on the surface, to help the new people, but they basically leave it behind as they learn to get better. Be honest, when was the last time you put Gearing Up on your team? For me, it's been... at least since Day 1 of UXM release.

    Let's look at why I think Gearing Up is the lesser card.

    1 - you don't get to re-roll those extra dice. I hate drawing the "character I need", and then only have a 50% chance to actually roll it. With Nasty Plot, you get your typical roll and reroll.

    2 - as ramp, it falls short. The turn you use it, you gain 2 dice, but it cost you 1. This means you really had 5 dice this turn to play with. With Nasty Plot, next turn, you get 6 dice. If you are trying to ramp up to something big, 6 dice in one turn is better than 5.

    Bonus Reason - Specifically in AoU, this set is missing ramp options. It doesn't have a Resurrection, or Villainous Pact. It has a few characters that can ramp with damage, but nothing generic, like we are used to. So, in its native environment, AoU only events, it is actually the King of Ramp. (Like in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king) It doesn't have to be great, just better than the alternatives.

    So for me, deciding on one or the other, I'd always go with Nasty Plot, unless I was trying to abuse Gearing Up, like in a Dr. Strange team.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osprey View Post

    Not to say I think either should be played as they practically guarantee that the player who goes first will win the game.
    I do not think this is accurate. From day one, Gearing Up has been my wife's go to card. It is her Dice Masters security blanket of sorts, she just can not get away from it. For a while we always had a race to buy them all up, but I moved away from the card. It only has a 50% chance of providing extra dice, and then with no re-roll it is not a big guarantee. When she goes first and buys gearing up, it is her entire turn. If I instead buy characters,I feel like that is a better start on building my economy or building my attack/defense capabilities. If I am playing with a ramp card like Professor X or Blue Eyes White Dragon, then a first turn Gearing up puts her behind the curve significantly.

    She used Nasty Plot for the first time tonight, and at first she did not like that she could not roll them like Gearing Up, but midway through the game she realized the benefit of prepping and getting that extra re-roll if needed.

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    You kids don't know how it was in the old days. Gearing Up used to be our ramp. We'd walk 15 miles, both ways in the snow, to get to play this card. We took our 2 dice to only roll RIGHT THEN (and without a re-roll) and we liked it. We loved it. You kids, with your fancy PXGs and your Johnny Swarms... no respect for the classics.

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    Gearing up FTW. I cannot seem to not play it. It ends up in everything I build. Here are my thoughts:

    1) Early game, buying 2 or even 3 of them can easily chain into one another and lead to a very VERY big purchase early on or a lot of small ones. I chose the bigger to encourage the chain to happen again. It works out for me quite well. If you are playing Masks, Gambit is a great way to keep this going too.

    2) Nasty plot has timing issues in my opinion. It is possible and in some cases likely that you are going to draw and roll it on a turn you really want some to play or play with. You are out of luck for the turn. Draw them individually and you are almost stalling your game. Almost. (I get that you are actually getting a slow even bonus spread across the turns, but you can't count on that to build off it either.)

    3) I thought about reasons to run both, but then my mind broke and I ended up playing My little Pony CCG until it got better again. I still twitch from time to time.

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