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Thread: First Impressions of AOU and Rainbow Draft: Or How I screwed up.

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    First Impressions of AOU and Rainbow Draft: Or How I screwed up.

    Hey everyone, last night was our first Rainbow Draft. I have to say that this was a huge learning experience. On the whole I want to say that I love the set. Let that be well noted, this is a great set, however I do not think it is the strongest Draft set we have seen. Now let me explain.

    The last two sets that we have drafted where D&D and DC, and as many who draft know there is a lot of choice and options on what to draft, as well as D&D. You had a number of team types; Dragons, Firestorm, Justice League, Villians and for right now they are not as evident in AOU. I am not saying they do not exist I am saying that for the first night the only one that we saw was the straight Guardians Team. However this did work, I am not sure if it won the tournament. I say do not know because the draft started at 6:30 and at 10:30 I needed to leave, and it was not done yet. Which brings me to my first issue with AOU, RAMP!

    I have been babied, coddled and made lax. Why? Because I came into Dice Masters during UXM, so the PXG existed and people always talk about ramp, ramp, ramp. In every set after UXM there has been something to help speed up the game and made it easier to get out those 5, 6 cost cards. So I have become complacent to the ramp, I mean there has to be something in the set that ramps. D&D has swarm and resurrection, DC has Red Tornado and Villainous Pact. Well AOU doesn’t, there is the rare beast, who kinda works, Maria hill uncommon if you play shields. The only other answer was Hulk Out, and Nasty Plot (which I think gear up is better, and on hind site should have brought, but I digress) because it was a cheap 2 cost action die that people where rolling more for energy than action. But this truly slows down the game, a lot. You also have to look at your purchase cost twice as much, those two, three and four cost characters really become vital. I did not do this I had a decent mix at least 5 dice costing 2 or 3, but really these were being grabbed up fast. A note to stores and tourney runners Don’t do just marvel for basic actions include D&D and DC it will help this issue with lack of ramp.

    The second issue I have is set only win conditions. I know everyone is thinking Hulk out, and to a point you are correct but with a lot of high defense that is littered in this set and characters like Pepper Pots and Rocket Raccoon, this can easily be stalled or prevented. Thanos seems like a win condition but again getting out his cost without any form of ramp unless you get the super rare is hard. Ultron Drone, and Ultron I think is the most consistent win condition, which makes him an insta grab, IMHO. However I couldn’t get him and there was only one ultron and I got that, sad because together they would be awesome!

    I will be interested to see the meta for rainbow after a week or two. Again this is just my opinion, and a first opinion which is always worse than it is. But in this set more than any other lacks from ramping issues. However tonight is our unlimited marvel tournament and I have to say I am really looking forward to putting these cards into my team. I will report on that on Saturday.

    :edit: I forgot to talk about fielding costs when I originally wrote this post. But that is another big issue with this set, there seems to be a lot more expensive fielding costs, this often led to a new buying priority and sometimes you couldn't field everything, or even half of what came out. This mixed with the ramping challenges made the games much harder, and a lot more analysis paralysis. There is a lot more to have to way out each turn and economy management has doubled in importance in this set, again IMHO.

    I am really interested in hearing others experiences around AOU Rainbow, but please save yourself and everyone else and put in the other set basic actions. YOU NEED THEM!
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    The danger with adding BACs out of set lies with uncommon Wasp. My opponent had 2 wasps in play, with a bolt and 2 masks in his reserve. I had 2 chaeacters. I believe Ultron and a sidekick. My opponent brought Enrage and Relentless. He used the Relentless global twice forcing both of my characters unable to block, and also gave the Wasps +1/+1. He then used the enrage global to give one Wasp +1A. This global gave both Wasps another +1/+1. He attacked for 10. If you include outside BACs, uncommon Wasp becomes a win condition.

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    AoU is ramp starved, but I would still rather play my Rainbow drafts with only the BAC from AoU. If you need ramp, there are a few characters that can give you a little, prioritize them. As well, there is Nasty Plot, which, while a weaker card, is the only generic ramp in the set, so if you need it, take it.

    I'm just not a fan of always seeing Distraction/Resurrection/Polymorph/Magic Missile/Anger Issues and now Hulk Out, like they are the only 6 BACs, from the over 60 that are available.

    Scarcity breeds creativity, and I like the limited environment, even in my BACs.

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    AoU ramp options should also include uncommon Jocasta and common Captain Marvel. Jocasta is really good if you can bring along Magic Missile or something similar. The rare Beast didn't work out for me. I don't think I ever got a die into the Prep Area from his ability.

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    @pishposh good looking out I will have to look for her more in the future. One of the reasons I wrote this post was to gather other people's experience. Ramp here is much more complex than it has been in the past. Cost Management is a big thing.

    I also forgot to talk about fielding costs but that is also a big deal in this set, I have seen a lot more characters just not getting played because you have to choose between one thing or another.

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    Fielding costs won me the game vs Randy last night. I think it adds layers to decisions, especially because of the challenges with ramp.

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    We had a similar experience in our small AoU draft. We had no ramp* and no globals, so it was a matter a spending what you rolled each turn. Most players have a bias toward fielding characters rather than using double energy for bigger purchases, so it was common for players to exhaust all their 2-4 energy characters quickly and just stall. I think things may improve with experience in the set and better tactics/strategy, but there was certainly frustration.

    My team was in better shape than most as I drafted common Phil Coulson and common SHIELD Agents which allowed me to get to a fast start and put on some early pressure and eventually an alpha strike with a mass of sidekicks. My final game my 1st and 2nd turn rolls failed me on shields and bolts, so I went with common Spider Woman and common Red Skull and later common Enchantress FTW.

    Red Skull is very good in AoU draft.

    For me the keys to AoU draft [assuming AoU BACs only] are:
    1. Be very conscious of your energy curve, and be sure to have plenty of dice at 2-4
    2. Don't automatically reroll double energy for a character face if you have a decent health buffer; grab the higher cost dice when you have the energy.
    3. As always, put early pressure on your opponent to reduce their flexibility.

    *I did have both common Captain Marvel and uncommon Jocasta. CM didn't make the cut. I went with Jocasta, but without a reliable way to damage her she never accomplished much. Next time I'd go with CM over Jocasta.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jthomash2 View Post
    Fielding costs won me the game vs Randy last night. I think it adds layers to decisions, especially because of the challenges with ramp.
    I agree the game just got a lot more worker placement resource management feel to it. So if you are good with that you will get an edge, I am not super great at it, not bad but not great. But I feel you have to get better to play rainbow now.

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    The game had little to no ramp. My only way to properly ramp was bringing out Gearing up which immensely helped for my draft deck. I mainly used Ultron and 1 in a million drones. Red skull common is a beast if you can get him to field. I got most of the cards I was looking for in my draft which was Giant Man Vanilla, Red skull, Drones (1 in a million) and Ultron. I also got the rocket raccoon common which I never brought out but it was there.

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    Fielding cost is a major issue to consider in this game. A couple of buffed/high characters should attack every turn if they have no risk of getting K.O. The opponent will get to roll more dice, but with the fielding costs it might be hard to get them all back out. At least that has been my limited experience with the new set.

    It feels like they are trying to get away from swinging for lethal in one hit, and more to slugging it out.

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