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Thread: Tournament Format to help my Local scene? - Help needed!

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    Tournament Format to help my Local scene? - Help needed!

    Hey guys, i want to support our local scene and start up again the Dice Masters Motor that ran the last time when D&D BFF came out.

    So i was thinking, i use for the start 1 or 2 Tables for maximum 8 Players ,, because 2 - 3 times the week there really much Magic Player here and the owner of the shop has not time and People capacity to do some Tournaments and Events on its own.

    I now that i talked with them, it seems if i want to save/revive the Spirit of Dice Masters here, i have to organize it, but i want to do it at least correct.

    So for the start i want to run some 4+ Player Tournaments. And i want to choose , depending on the Number of participants, the format to play.

    What would you suggest me to run?

    I was thinking about
    4 Players , All vs All
    So everybody plays 3 x single matches or BO3.
    I could also integrate a Match for the first and second / third and fourth place if there is a tie.

    I would run this too for 5 Players.

    Swiss system only when we are six people or is it not a matter of players?

    And for 8 Players i would run Swiss system PreRounds and after that Single Elemination or complete Swiss .

    And now the alst important step: Prizes.

    I would think about a a challenge cup , that like the name says around from First place to the next one.
    Also everybody pays 2 (1 Booster) entry fee and the winner of prizes can choose from what set to buy from.
    But i am not sure how much boosters to give whom.

    I dont want to scare off too much people, but if i dont set some prizes/entry fee on, no one will be interested(same with a product, if it is for free no one will buy it!)

    So numbers example for 8 People we have 8 Booster.

    Thats how i would split the prizes between them:
    1. & 2. -> 2 Boosters
    3. - 6. -> 1 Booster
    7. & 8. -> Nothing or 1 or 2 Cards from a Common/Uncommon Cards Pile with Dice(Randomly Drawn) that everybody can spend his doubles for.

    What do you think about this?

    And please before you say "it must be more competitive" "more strict rule, more prizes official things"
    consider this: It is dying scene here, the players are here, but most of time not for Dice masters, so it is there second or third hobby or even less, and i try to change it hopefully!
    Also we have gamers here that take 1 Hour or more for 1 Match, so 1 BO3 is taken almost 3 hours sometimes.... .
    And i know we could get OP packs from the distributers, but they cost double the prices as in USA and he didnt even knowe about Age of Ultron Release or the SET until yesterday.... .

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    Here is how we do things locally.

    Step one: use wizkids event system to hosting events and pairings. You also can record you events here as well. Best is to just get in the habit of using it.

    Step two: make sure you have at least two weeks notice of the event. Pick a format and get the word out so people can start making a team for it.

    Step three: keep a consistent entry fee. We require a three pack buy it. This supports the store.

    Step four: get OP Kits. Your store can get them and it is an added incentive to get people to come out.

    Step five: prize pay out. The packs that people bought are used for the prize pay out. This is divided up by first getting the most packs and scaling down until you get to last place. Everybody gets a minimum of one pack. Last place always gets three packs.

    A lot of stores do a buy in and have no prize support. Which is hard for the player base. You can have a kitchen table with as many players as an event. So you can't compete with free.

    Lastly, last place gets out what they put in. One of the worst feelings a new player can have is feeling like they are funding a better players collection just because they are new to the game. So they don't lose out on how much they spent because they will get that back in packs.

    So hopefully you can take some tips from what we do and tailor it to your group of players.

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    I would say you should add a time limit to your rounds if you've got some slow players. It's harsh at first, but in the long run it will get your slow players to being to make decisions faster, and your scene will improve because of it.
    If the kits cost more for you, the non storyline kits come with 20 participation and 5 copies each of two prizes. This would cover several events for your group. The storyline kits are just 10 participation and 3 prize cards for the same cost here in the US. Make the most of it and get the non-storyline. These would be Age of Apocalypse, House of M, Avengers Disassembled, Days of Future Past, and the upcoming Teen Titans Go kit. I'm reasonably sure the D&D kits are also the bigger kits with more prizes.
    I'd also suggest that you do creative events. Commons only, themed team, etc. I'd also suggest trying a Bring a Friend night. Each player who brings a friend gets a prize or pack, as well as the friend they brought. It's not a bad idea to have any players that overbuy donate some commons and extra dice to be given to new players, getting them more excited about the game and encouraging them to come back. Good luck with your scene man, I'm involved in three right now, one is growing, one is stagnant, and one is dying. I'm finding that the same things that are growing one scene, don't have an impact on the dying scene. Just don't be afraid to push it and try new things. The Reserve Pool episode this week had some great tips too.

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    Can you please tell me how the last place can get out his 3 boosters and it is scaled down from first to the other places?

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