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Thread: About 8 super rares and the difficulty of trading

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    About 8 super rares and the difficulty of trading

    I have been thinking about this, and I am not sure what section to post it. But it is about Sales and Trades so I am setting the conversation here.

    I am about to state things that may upset people so please do not take this personally.

    I am personally angry with the inclusion of 8 super rares, and I will tell you why,

    Because trading and selling have gotten more difficult in my opinion.

    here is the thing, I bought a case that with discount cost me $166 dollars,

    In doing that I received all the rares but one, all the commons, all the uncommons.
    But it gave me 4 super rares, in the old days that would most likely gotten me two or three and most likely at least one duplicate.
    That Dup would be used for trading, Now I have 4 super rares and they are all different. If I want to trade one I need to give one up, but worse the one I am willing to give up is not one of the better ones, Now I am playing draft, but the distribution has not increased, so there is no guarantee that a sr will even show, or end up with me.

    Now if I want to just buy what I need I have to spend $40.00 each and why bother with rares. I felt I needed to get a case because hell one Gravity feed is not enough anymore, it used to be. With wanting super rares well pull out the trade for rares.

    Now for chase, I have to say this ruins collecting, I at least felt like I could complete the set, and now that is gone, I mean seriously one in 8 cases. I love this game and I could sell myself on it not costing as much as say magic, but now that is gone. This game is just as expensive as magic.

    That is disappointing.

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    It's certainly a problem if you are a collector/completionist. I'm one too, although I won't feel the need to get the chase SRs as long as I can get the non-chase versions (2 of 4 so far...)

    I thought the previous (e.g. DC or D&D) model was fairly reasonable for a collectable set, but the increase to 8 SR crosses the threshold into a more abusive MtG-style mode. We don't have a large DM community out here, but I've already seen a few people drop out who cite the increase in SRs as part of the reason.

    I don't know what they'll have for DC WoL, but I suspect it is far enough in (pre-)production that it can't be changed.


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    I get two of each set so that my girlfriend and I can each play whatever we want. With these changes, it is starting to get rediculous to get sets. Also, sets are coming out so fast that I don't get to enjoy the different sets long enough before having to start looking at getting the next set.

    Still sticking with it for now. I quit magic because of too much too fast and Dice Masters looks like it going down the same route.

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    I have a lot to say about this topic, but I'll save it for a blog post in the future, since I've already posted a bit of my thoughts elsewhere on the site. I will say that when cards become harder to obtain, the game becomes more of a money sink than a game, and becomes less enjoyable overall. It also becomes a perfect breeding ground for bad behaviour within a community. People think I'm crazy or entitled for suggesting this, but these are facts. Look at MtG, Yugioh, Pokemon, Cardfight Vanguard, etc. This is not an isolated thing, this happens all the time, and it only ever results in resentment and bitterness in whatever portion of the community doesn't quit on the spot because they can no longer afford to play at any real competitive level.

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    It's kinda funny. Playing this game brings back memories for me of collecting old school comic cards. Back in the day going from comic shop to comic shop buying packs. Hoping to get that rarest of the rare chase card. I find it fun. Yes it an expensive hobby. And coming from someone that collects action figures too that's really saying something lol. The thrill of the hunt. The feeling of success when you manage to complete a successful trade with someone and it fills the gap in both collections. I can definitely understand the frustration of having to buy multiple Gravity Feeds to just complete a basic set of cards excluding super rares. The beauty part is. There's always someone out there looking for that extra rare or uncommon that you have sitting in your binder. So put on those negotiating pants and get to trading lol.

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    If you look at the chase cards as equivalent to foil versions in Magic, it might ease you thought process. Unlike the Heroclix chase which I hear had mechanical differences, the AoU chases are simply cosmetically different. Only serious collectors need apply.

    As for 8 SRs, I do think the sudden change from 4-8 forces more of a case plus drafts than a feed plus drafts requirement, and that is almost doubling the requirement. However, it also helps grow the secondary market some, and provides a small amount of "something to chase after" when I go drafting. I personally think 6 SRs would be a great distribution, and 8 is too many, but not so many that I give up collecting or playing for. Someday I will get what I want or finish a set if I keep playing. Draft scenes will stay as long as sets stay in production, and they will change with each new basic action released. If you don't like drafting, I can understand not wanting to collect everything, but honestly, drafting is the collectors format.

    PS, op cards are great trade bait, double up on op events and you will get yourself a card, and a card to trade those unlucky folks who can't make it to ops.

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    @Shadowmeld ,Yeah I need to remember to save those OP's for trading, I have a lot of them. I'm just bumbed because I go back to school in August and I cannot afford two feeds of WOL, Hell I may not be able to afford One feed. So it's just a personal frustration. Also I think it increases the disappointment of getting each set's "Mr. Fantastic" card. The weak super rares.

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    I know the feels @Vapedaveb I got Flash as my first DC SR. I kept with it though, got Constantine from draft, then BC also from draft. Keep up the drafting and you'll either get good trade cards, OP cards or luck out and get yourself some SRs! I understand the college thing too, and just, as a person who got in and out of Magic four times, don't fret. In the long run the game will either still be around or it won't and you either collected it all or you didn't, but more important is getting the degree, to get the job, to allow you to collect it all in the end. Think of it this way, if you miss a set, but get a job, that's a better investment than getting half a set and not being able to get all the sets after that. Just cause it's new and fancy doesn't mean you have to get it now. Heck, go to the 0 feed, only draft mindset, and you might even come out paying less than you expect. especially if your play events that give packs as prize support.

    Anyway, GL with school, and keep rolling the dice.

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    @Shadowmeld , Hey thanks a lot man, That was awesome. It's a great way to put it into perspective. Of course I am going for social work, so money doesn't mean a lot to me . But that is the best advice I have gotten in a long time, put it into perspective. I might just draft while in school, and see what happens.

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    No problem. Been there, done that, so I know the waters.

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    That's a good thing for me. I dont trade cards unless I plan to use them. For me completing a set doesn't matter. I'm a player over a collector. But I do understand that only receiving one SR out of a Grav feed and for all you know it could be the wrong one. Then having to pay for the other SR's if you want to not have to pay for another Grav Feed. It is getting ridiculous. The new set comes out next month.

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    I don't know if the SR distribution is up or if I've been really lucky so far. I bought one GF and got a SR Thanos and a Gladiator. I bought another 20 packs and pulled a SR Groot. Then I bought 28 packs today and pulled a SR Thanos and a chase Gladiator. Hopefully I'm not just lucky and they increased the distributions of the SRs to go with the increased number of SR cards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbone3 View Post
    I don't know if the SR distribution is up or if I've been really lucky so far. I bought one GF and got a SR Thanos and a Gladiator. I bought another 20 packs and pulled a SR Groot. Then I bought 28 packs today and pulled a SR Thanos and a chase Gladiator. Hopefully I'm not just lucky and they increased the distributions of the SRs to go with the increased number of SR cards.
    You totally want to trade me that chase Gladiator :P

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    LOL! I think I'm keeping that one. You have dibs one my second chase Gladiator.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbone3 View Post
    LOL! I think I'm keeping that one. You have dibs one my second chase Gladiator.
    QUOTED, I'll hold you to that one. :P

    AN elephant never forgets. Err bird. Osprey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Molebean View Post
    It is pretty hard to trade things. People want exact value, and it's hard to do that because what is $20 in my head is $30 in mind of someone else. I like buying and selling.
    I've had great success trading here. I use lowest BIN on eBay to establish approximate value and work from there. The people I've traded with have asked for throw-ins where my side is low and I've asked for them when my value is high. I tend to buy a lot and pull most of what I need, so I often have lots to trade, but little I need. In other words, I wish I could trade MORE.

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