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Thread: The Spoiler Thread

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    The Spoiler Thread

    For those interested, the complete card of Minsc and Boo is spoiled on the lastest Board Game Breakfast, at 12:15.

    EDIT: Here are screen grabs of the card and die:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Love it! Althought I'm already leaning towards an undead team, I will be excited to get this.... if my comic shop can get it in with my preorder.

    I have no knowledge of D&D lore... are Minsc and Boo cool? What's their story?

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    I've heard it comes from Baldur's Gate--Tom might have even mentioned it in the video I linked to--but I've never played that. The little guy is what...a hamster? I assume he's Boo and the human is Minsc. Maybe someone else can jump in with more info.

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    I'm sensing a lot of token adds and removals with D&D and that kind of makes me a little leery about buying in. I wonder why they didn't just go with spinning a die up 1 level until it can't be spun up any more, THEN adding tokens. This reduces the reliance on tokens from the outset and uses a built-in mechanic when a character gains experience.

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