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Thread: Wizards Chest, Denver CO, All Marvel Tournament 7-17-2015

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    Wizards Chest, Denver CO, All Marvel Tournament 7-17-2015

    Well I mentioned before that I would report on the tourney tonight as it is the start of AOU and this tourney cried out to try something new. Well there was only three of us, so instead of a full on tourney report I am going to give you a rundown of what I brought and how it worked. Well let’s start with a picture.

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    Ok now that we have the team, you can see that I brought a bolt team. If you haven’t guessed it’s a Jokasta team, the goal is to get Pepper Out to build up defense. Get Jokasta out, use Nasty Boy’s global to do 3 damage, then splash in Wasp: Founding Member and Human Torch: Johnny Storm to plink down the opponent. Loki is to handle any specific problems like Venom and Hulk. Ice Man is my energy fixer, Distraction controls attacks, Power Bolt is the just in case I role no bolts. The nice thing with TCFW is you only ever need one bolt, just one. I have to say I was really pleased with what happened.

    First Match: My opponent is scary because I swear we always think of the same thing and do it differently. I was thinking either this team or a new super pawns and he brought Jokasta and was thinking about bringing super pawns. But in the end we both brought Jokasta. His idea was to have Nasty Boy but to also use Ultron Drone to force me to block his creatures, and attack with Toad forcing me to block, us Transfer Power to make one of my characters block Jokasta transfer more power. The idea is like grabbing someone and make them punch themselves saying “Stop Hitting Yourself! Stop Hitting Yourself!” The idea is sound but he hadn’t thought of Distraction. This held him back and I also got wasp out and Johnny so I had more direct damage per turn. The little hit by Wasp each time does add up, when someone wants to use PXG, the one point per global doesn’t seem like much at first, but it speeds up the life clock. On the whole my team did just what it wanted to do, and I won 11-0.

    Second Match: My opponent brought a speed avenger team, using cheap avengers and boost them up with the Nick Fury that gives avengers +1/+1, his idea was to get lots of people out, lots of Ant Man and one of the New Black widows (The one that requires two people to block). However he did not use PXG at first, by the time he started to use it I had Wasp out, With Distraction and Jokasta/Nasty Boy and I took him down quickly 20-0.

    On the whole I love the team, I will try it again later, but I am not sure I would bring the exact team to a full mixed event. But I do like how it works, and I think it is a sound idea. With some fixing it can be better, I will see what it looks like on August 1st will be another fully mixed team’s match. We will see how this team might change in that time. But it was fun and for me AOU has brought some new win conditions, that makes me happy.
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