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    Agreed. And of course, there is draft, sealed, cube (some have discussed building a cube for drafting from collections), Daredevil Drats, and the like. Plenty of ways to play the game!

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    My store is doing a Little Cup DC this month,

    Also for DND our store created a dungeon crawl, where you start with only commons, must have two adventurers and two monsters, then second round you may switch commons for uncommons for and final round you may switch to the rares or super rares.
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    Damn that are all really creative ideas. I think i will try out some from time to time and the D&D is really funny

    Ok tried some idea and it works really well with 3 - 5 Players (yes i played with myself and over Skype with 2 Friends.)

    You know King of the Hill- Mode from so many Games.

    So there are 3 Crucial things that change in the game.

    1. There are no Lifepoints, instead you have a Pointlimit or if you want a time limit with highest Points. You get 1 Point per Turn you are staying in the middle Zone

    2.The Player in the middle zone is the opponent for every player outside and vice versa.
    So if your a outside Player you have only one enemy, the middle player.
    But if your the middle player, you can choose on your turn, who you want to attack(if you want to attack) and your effects that are global can work on every enemys.
    Think about it that you transfer your Field and Attackzone in the middle of the table and you can pick who you want to threaten.

    3. You must attack with at least one character(that has a characercard)die(a NPC-Die doesn't count!) to conquer the Middle Zone. You will stay there if you are the only one in the Middle Zone that has at least a character alive there (NPC-dice count too!).
    THe MIddlezone Player must defend against all attackers if possible.
    Unblocked Characters just go through.

    Sure there a lot of Cards out there that can be a littlebit imbalanced (Apocalypse for example) in this Game-Mode, but there are also a lot of removals to take this cards out.

    But the theme is so cool if you think, that the Middle Zone is the Helicarrier from SHIELD and Fury and his Agents stand there ground, until the last Agent and Soldier falls to an Wave of incoming Villains and Monsters to take them down!
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    My wife and I have been playing a variant of the Daredevil draft that we affectionately call a Suicide draft. Similar concept, except you pick 8 dice out of the bag, and that's your team.

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    We've tried that too, @CBattles6 . Last time, she got NOTHING under a purchase cost of 5. It was sad.

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    Yeah that was how we started but it resulted in too many teams that were simply unplayable.

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    2 player draft combining deck builder games, rainbow draft, and daredevil draft!

    Each player opens X packs. (Each player can look at/study/memorize the cards they opened). Build rainbow. Shuffle all cards (from both players) into 1 draw pile. Draw 5 cards from stack and place in a row between the players.
    Players will be using playmats and dice bags.
    Players begin draft with 8 sidekicks in their bag.

    Draw 4 dice. Roll and reroll. Dice showing character faces after roll and reroll, must be fielded (for free). Character dice in field have no effect, and stay there for remainder of draft.
    Use your energy to draft a card AND matching die. ALL energy (spent and unspent) go to used. Drafted dice also goes to used. Drafted card goes in a face down pile in front of player.
    Replace drafted card from draw pile.


    You may only draft 1 (card & die) per turn. (Still experimenting with this restriction)

    If you can purchase a draft pick, you must. If you can't, then you take the left most card of row, shift remaining cards to the left, and replace empty spot from draw pile.

    Optional rule I'm experimenting with:
    One fielded character may be sent to used during your opponents turn, BEFORE their roll and reroll. If you do, you may send 1 of their drawn die to used. However, it must be matching energy. (Shield for shield, mask for mask, sidekick for sidekick, etc.) EDIT: this rule is not fun.
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    We did Non-standard themed teams at our shop. It's an old idea we did with Heroclix. You just have to be able to explain what ties the team together, and it can't be "these are all x-men". Things I've seen in both Clix and DM:
    All one color dice
    Dead people
    All one energy
    People with guns/swords (and this was Clix, not sure if we have enough in dm yet)

    It's a fun way to get people to be creative when they build, and an easy way to vote for fellowship, just vote for the most creative/funniest team

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    The dream, and point, of the cube is to create it's own meta. Like little cup does. The choices were made by my son. Stuff he likes and stuff he knows is good... It's a development in process... and at ground level!!!
    Let me play it for a couple weeks. I'll try to post results, and how the meta is shaping up...
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    I've been thinking about making an über SR team. I just have ones I've been lucky to pull. Red dragon and stirge, obelisk and slypher, spider and ironman, 2 cat woman and black canary, and now groot. I don't think that would work well but it would be fun to make a big table crushing sound when you pull those huge characters!

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    Not trolling at all. I like this idea. I think my son would like it better than playing the game as well. He finds the game to be too long. He did come up with his own variant. Start with just side kicks, one life, and unlimited rerolls. He always gets to go first. =-)

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    I think @SarkhanMad needs to learn what the term "troll" means. He provided a lot of entertainment with that comment without being a jerk. Pretty rock solid.

    As for your SR Uber team @CeeQee, that would be awesome. Spider is the only one that isn't that great, and hey. Stirge Swarm alongside some Red Dragon/Groot could be fun. Give it a go and let me know how it does!

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