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Thread: DM Combo Bucket List

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    DM Combo Bucket List

    I wanted to start a thread to see what everyone's dream combo is to pull off in a dice masters game.

    I'm not expecting super competitive, but rather have a fun (likely difficult) combo to pull off.

    For me it's a scenario where Thanos has captured Nick Fury, commandeered the Helicarrier and launched a surprise attack.

    Thanos - The Mad Titan
    Nick Fury - Patch
    SHIELD Helicarrier - Argonaut

    The Helicarrier gives Thanos +3 attack and Avengers affiliation. Then Patch doubles his damage since he is now an unblockable Avenger. Thanos would hit for 20+ on two of his faces. By either using polymorph to spin him up or tap him with enrage twice you can get to 20 even if it's a level 1

    Would be tough to pull off but so fun to see happen... Unless your opponent ran Distraction...

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    Now that we have the new Age of Ultron dice, I'm looking forward to build a team that actually has a use for Rogue (who has been used almost never in the game thus far). The idea would be to go with Rogue- Anna Raven along with both Ultron- New World Order and throw in Ant-Man- Biophysicist (cheap fists, seems to fit an Ultron theme) and Ultron Drone- 1 of a Million (added capture shenanigans) and try to go for some solid direct damage with the added bonus of capturing character dice. Obviously, Rogue isn't really necessary to make Ultron- New World Order work, but it just seems to be too much fun to pass up. Anna Raven seems to be the only option for Rogue that would make sense, given that every other capture character costs 6 energy, even if her ability isn't *too* super.

    I dunno, capture seems like the new cool thing to be doing.

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