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Thread: Jocasta vs Breath weapon

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    Jocasta vs Breath weapon

    Theoretically you have Jocasta SR out in the field, your opponent has two different dragons, the dragons both attack, and breath weapon. One has a breath weapon 3 one has breath weapon 1. Since they do damage to all of the characters the attacker cannot choose damage allocation, the damage happens at the same time. How much damage does Jocasta deal back, does she soak up all the breath weapon damage at once and thus would hand back 4 points?

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    The damage from multiple breath weapons don't all happen at the same time. What happens is the attacker has multiple triggered effects that trigger at the same time, he chooses to pay the costs (or not), then resolves them individually. The attacker chooses what Jocasta redirects in this case.

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    That is a Magic-based interpretation. For the record, I agree with it.

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    It's a Dice Masters based interpretation. D&D BFF rulebook, page 20 tells you how to resolve multiple effects controlled by the same player happening simultaneously, page 19 talks about some effects triggering when attacking (hence Breath Weapon is a triggered ability), and page 17 talks about breath weapon a little bit.

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    DM has (smartly) piggy-backed MTG. Hopefully we'll get a similar comprehensive rule book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbone3 View Post
    DM has (smartly) piggy-backed MTG. Hopefully we'll get a similar comprehensive rule book.
    Oh, I think that is a beautiful dream, but a dream non the less, they didn't for heroclix, hell we are lucky if they answer the rules forum questions. I have ones up from D&D never answered.

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