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    In the context of D&D Equipment/Gear, I believe that "using the action" would consist of 1) Rolling it on an action face (not an energy face), 2) Choosing to move it from the Reserve Pool to the Field. That is what would trigger Dr. Strange. Moving it from one person to another would not be considered using it, and attacking with it definitely wouldn't.

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    I'm sorry, I didn't explain that well. Both of those things together have to happen to "use the Action die" once. What I was trying to say is that rolling and using it as energy does *not* count as "using an Action", nor does moving it around in the Field once it's been placed there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrightLad View Post
    Got it, thanks.
    So basically, all action dice must be "fielded" in order to be used, whether a basic action, or non-basic action.
    No. They must be "used". It's just that using some action dice, such as gear from D&D, but also any Continuous action, consists of fielding them. Most action dice simply go to Used (via Out Of Play) when used.

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