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Thread: For players who say "I just got a starter, now what?" What is your response?

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    For players who say "I just got a starter, now what?" What is your response?

    Curious to see how the community at large responds. This is something we need to be better equipped for I think.

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    Play in a draft or Mixed, if possible. You are even footing with everyone else. Also it is often the best place to get the extra dice and cards. My FLGS crew is huge about giving new players everything. I actually walk around with newcomer dice/Cards. I easily give them away and so does everyone from my team.

    If you have money buy 20 packs added to the starter, you have a great mix.

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    I agree that draft isn't bad once you understand the basics of the game.

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    "Here's some commons, uncommons and dice to get you started, let's play".

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    "Here, take one of every extra dupe that I have, along with ever extra dice over 4/5 as well."


    "Find a good eBay auction for dice lots, here's a link to an ongoing one that I use a lot. Also, it doesn't hurt to buy a gravity feed of the most recent set/next set to come out (if it's within a week or two), just to build up a base of cards that you can then trade for other commons and uncommons and even some rares from other sets. Also, don't worry about any SRs that aren't super powerful (the known elites), try to trade them for a lot of rares."

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    "Cool, have some free cards and dice! Don't sweat it, these are my extras. Wanna play? I've got a ton of decks set up, and most of them are middle of the road as far as nastiness goes..."

    -Several games later-

    "Rainbow drafts. That's where it's at, man. Now that you know what you're doing, get in a couple. You'll clean up on dice, cheap, and a lot of times the experienced players will toss you extra dice and cards. Happened to me, so I do it for others when I can. Oh, and don't touch the serious constructed tournaments for a good long while. You'll need to learn the meta, the counters, and maybe drop some cash if you want to go far. Or you can do what I do, and just play for the entry promos and the joy of it."

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    Where we supposed to role play responses? I don't want to role play unless I can be a Drow Ranger, Or a Chaotic Neutral Monk.

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    I was really bummed when I first played Dice Masters with just a starter. I didn't like it at all. Now I love it. But I would say you need to buy at least 10 boosters before you get started in this game.

    I would also say for both players to ignore global abilities at first, until you become more comfortable with the game. Then add them in, because they add a whole other twist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave View Post
    Curious to see how the community at large responds. This is something we need to be better equipped for I think.
    I enthuse about the game ("Oh cool! It's a great game. I enjoy it very much", and so on), then explain the limitations of a Starter ("It's a great way to get a taste for the game, but will really only give you a taste, the full flavour only comes out with more cards and dice", for example), and their options ("if you want to dive head first in to the deep end, get a gravity feed, but if you want to take it slow buy perhaps a dozen or so boosters, or enter a rainbow draft event, and build from there", say), but most importantly, if this is in person, rather than over the Internet, offer to play a game with them, using just their Starter, and then after playing a quick game use the opportunity, if you have any of your cards with you, to pull out some key cards that synergise well with what they already have.

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    My first response would be to see if they wanted to play. I'd field a balanced team of characters outside the starter set, with one or two characters picked to make them go "oooohhhhhh" and want to look at characters outside the starter. After we played i'd give them copies of a few commons or uncommons and any matching dice where I have multiple spares of (beyond what i'd keep to trade). If they'd bought some boosters already I'd look to give them any extra dice I could for those cards. I'd then suggest playing again and let them try any of my cards/dice they wanted to get a better feel of the wider set. Oh and I wouldn't be overly competitive! I'd highlight any obvious mistakes they'd make etc and not play anything TOO nasty (i don't own tsarina so that wouldn't be an issue!)

    Then I'd recommend a few boosters (preferably from my local gaming store), if they're looking for storage I'd suggest the collectors box as well. I'd then try and get them down to play on the casual wizkids night we have there and talk a few people I know in to coming down and making it quite a social game with players with things from a couple of sets to showcase (we have someone just starting out with DC and people who like D&D just in my immediate casual play group).

    It just so happens the day I pick up my age of ultron pre-order at my local store (2 Gfs, Starter Set and Collectors Box), it's running it's now monthly board game day where people can just bring and play any of their games so i'm planning on getting quite a few people to give it a go and hopefully sell them on picking up some of the massive amount of AoU stock that will be landing that day!

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    I start by trying to play some games with them, teaching them little bits along the way, and try to figure out what kind of playstyle they fit into at the moment, then give them a bunch of commons, uncommons and dice that match up with that style. Not necessarily telling them how they all fit together from the get go, but it gives them the opportunity to explore and it gently introduces the idea of synergy between cards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave View Post
    Curious to see how the community at large responds. This is something we need to be better equipped for I think.
    I usually ask how much they want to invest out of the gate. Sometimes a second of the same starter is a really good way to get into the game. At least with some of the starters anyway. It's a good way to get a solid playable dice pool going until you can buy enough packs to start using other stuff. Most people don't start a new game wanting to put the investment into a starter, GF, and other stuff.

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    Immediate response is "Welcome to the game!" That's followed by a few instructional games, and then I lend them my Gobby and Rally to show them a really basic combo with just 2 cards that's easy to pull off. Once they experience that, they get hooked. And then I say "Get your own Gobby!" lol (no, I don't really say that...) I then give them a basic version of Flying Sidekicks. If they're still hungry for more, I'll teach them PXG... mind = blown! And then I dump a bunch of doubles on them so they can start sorting through their own stuff.

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