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Thread: How many Combos do you really build into a team?

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    How many Combos do you really build into a team?

    So I have realized that there is a thing with to many plans on a team, or to many combos. This is a weird thing to think about, and I hope I am explaining it correctly. So I am trying to build a Villain team and attempted to integrate Black Manta and Jacosta and Solomon grundy. When I played it out over and over again it lost against a control direct damage bolt team. The problem I think I am seeing is to many cooks in the kitchen, Jocasta was a win condition and Manta was a win condition, the team became muddled. So really how many different combos do you all use in your team?

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    the more combos the better, but the problem is less about the combos, and more about what you buy.

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    1...kinda? I typically focus on a powerful interaction then build a team around aspects of it so everything works together as a whole.

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    Agreed that you shouldn't try to do too much.

    I build around my 1 combo, that hopefully either is my win condition, or directly enables my win condition. From there, I try to work in a "plan B", that works well with the cards already selected for the combo.

    Finally, the rest of the spots are for answers or weaknesses. Usually, while I play test, I just throw any cards in if I can't think of something, then while I play, I keep evaluating the current game state, and ask myself:
    What would help me win right now?
    What would hurt my opponent the most right now?

    and iterate my team from there.

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    Typically you build a team where you have 1 idea. From A to B. But sometimes you need a Plan B. You will essentially use 4 cards in a deck. The other 4 are either to help them or a way to get around certain cards your opponent has. Keep in mind popular cards that you will see in the game (Hulk GG, Gobby, Prismatic Spray, Constantine, Tsarina. Considering Age of Ultron is out the meta will be changing. Specifically the Jocasta super rare.

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