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    Heroic help

    So our group got a late start, so we are just now finishing AvX. Ive been doing some judging and playing, but I got all the AvX prizes playing another shop so I'm only playing for fun. Last time I ran a team with 9 globals, before that it was all fist characters, and I built a team to almost made the Phoenix Force work. Now I want to make a team that runs the forgotten keyword that everyone passed over almost immediately, Heroic.
    Here's my thoughts so far:

    Angel Superhero 3 dice
    Cap Superhero 3 dice
    Wolverine Superhero 3 dice
    She-Hulk Superhero (you guessed it) 3 dice
    Blue-Eyes Monstrous Dragon 1 die (for global)
    Kobold Greater humanoid 4 dice
    And I had Nick Fury Patch but typing this I realized I've only got one Avenger, so probably not using him. I need to fill some gaps, and I really don't want to use PXG. My goal with this team is to get my characters to pair up a few times, deal some damage, but not be a super overpowered team. Again, I just want to have a good time, not dominate. As long as I can get my Heroic people in and pair them, I'll feel like this team was a success.
    Any suggestions would be great. I thought about Limited Wish as well, but it's 5 cost so I'm still only saving 1 energy on 2 of the characters, so I wasn't sure if it was the way to go.

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    You might consider the Storm just for a cheap Heroic character.

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    I agree with pk.
    @theroyalfalcon has a surprisingly strong heroic team, and the cheap storm is very important. It's easy to get it knocked out, or knock it out yourself on demand with bewd and then re-field every turn, allowing you to trigger heroic effects consistently.

    However, getting him to reveal his secrets would be next to impossible :P
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    I had angel for the low cost, would you cut him if you added storm?

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    I know you aren't there yet, but if you could get Rare Maria Hill, it might make you Heroic dreams a bit more viable.

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    Haven't pulled a rare Maria hill yet; I'll keep an eye out for one. Thanks for the advice

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