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Thread: Double kill

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    Double kill

    Make this short if I can. I've got 3 health, my opponent has one. I've got blue beetle fielded that hits him for one when he fields a villain, he's got Deathstroke that when fielded hits me for 1 for each villain he's got fielded, and he's got 3 villains. We spent about five minutes on the wizkids forum and reading rulebooks, and found this:
    Timing Conflicts If there is a conflict of timing (e.g., both players want to use an ability simultaneously), the person whose turn it is always resolves their effects first. If simultaneous effects are controlled by the same player, that player chooses the order of those effects. Once activated, an effect is always resolved entirely before the next effect begins.
    So the ruling we came to was his Deathstroke hits me first, and he wins the game. I agree with the ruling based on that working on page 21, I just wanted to share because it was an excellent game, and an epic moment that I will be hard pressed to top in Dice Masters. Much respect to Chris Lloyd, went on to get first place that day.

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    Yeah, active player always gets to choose, which is especially important in these game-ending situations.

    Sounds like a fun game!

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    The section in the rules about active player priority when resolving simultaneous effects used to specifically call out prevention of simultaneous death as the reason for that rule.

    However, it is now, since D&D, possible for players to die simultaneously, if they both take lethal damage from the same singular simultaneous effect (e.g, Fireball).

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    My opponent and I agreed it might be the best game we have ever played

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    I am seeing more of this so it is good to post about the timing issue, but also thank you scorp because that is growing to be one of the problems with Jocsta and Fireball. I think the risk isn't worth the reward, you just hit the final nail in the coffin.

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