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Thread: Thoughts on my team build?

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    Thoughts on my team build?

    The team itself:

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    *My thoughts for Gamora was to forcibly knock out things that I battle with. I thought this would be especially useful for Kobolds since they have to attack and have to be blocked by characters.

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    *Kobold. Obviously extremely cheap as a 1 energy cost, making it easier to get into play. It has the swarm ability that allows for extra draw which is wonderful. With Gamora on the team he's sure to knock out something whether he wins or loses a fight, which helps out his drawback of forced attacks.

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    *Human Paladin. Simple enough, block that pesky fielding damage from characters such as Green Goblin(Gobby).

    Now we get to the other portion of the build, the action card 'engine'.

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    *Elf Wizard. When she's fielded all action dice become 1 cheaper. Not only this, but when she's assigned to attack she can retrieve action dice from the used pile and move it into the prep area. Very nice for re-using things like Magic Missle.

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    *Red Dragon. His global further reduces the price of action dice and does 1 damage when you buy it. Very handy. When he's active you can also use an action dices' effect twice.(So something like Magic Missle will deal 4 per dice instead of 2).

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    *Halfling Thief. When she's fielded your opponent draws 2 die, of which you can put anything you don't want straight to the used pile, or if it's something your opponent doesn't want to draw, back into the bag. It seems nice, especially when used with the next card.
    *This card is subject to change for Wasp - Founding Avenger for impose a cost on the opposing player's global to burn their health faster.
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    *EDITED CARD - I thought this would be better to make more damage happen faster with various burn effects. In addition to his effect dealing damage whenever I field something.

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    *EDITED CARD - I decided this might be better than the Helicarrier since it's cheaper and would remain on field even after a character is gone. This in addition to the fact I wouldn't have to use a recycle ability on it, so I would be able to recycle something more useful.

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    *Resurrection. Pretty simple, re-roll a dice from your used pile and add it to the reserve. It's global also allows more draw power.

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    *Magic Missile. Again pretty simple, a card that does 2 damage directly to the opponent and can be recycled. It's global also allows to hit a point of damage which can be useful.

    **Also, can anyone tell me an answer to this: If I have a Paladin or a Elf Wizard on the field at the same time as my Kobold and I knock it out myself with something like Magic missile or Gamora's global; will Paladin or Wizard get experience since I am technically the one who knocked out a monster?(Since it doesn't say "when you knock out an opposing monster" and just says monster in general.)
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    Can you explain your win condition a little more. These seems a little over defensive, I think it is missing the offensive piece, but I might not be seeing what you are.

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    The idea is to keep your opponent from getting main cards with things like Halfling Thief and Limited Wish while burning them down by recycling Magic Missiles with Elf Wizards and the Red Dragon effect.

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    I think you will have a problem against aggro teams, this seems to have to much build in it. Also that is a lot of reliance on 3 cost halkfling cycling without a way to recycle her.

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    Gamora can force knock a Halfling out when she blocks/is blocked, making her useful for next turn.
    Any ideas what could be added in/out to make it a bit better?

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    I think get rid of the limited wish and replace it with Giant man, uncommon or rare. The replace resurrection with Hulk Out the Idea of an overcrush Red Dragon, with Giant Man in the field with helicarrier to add the damage is great, also using Gamora in the way you describe would quickly get the Giant Man uncommon to full size fast. Plus with epic red out you can duplicate the Hulk Out giving overcrush to red and giant at the same time.

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    Thanks, I'll try it out. Also, do you know the answer to question I had at the end of my post?

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    From the D&D rule book:

    "Experience: While active, if you knocked out an opposing monster (that is, a character with the black Monster allegiance banner) during your turn, place one experience token on this card at the end of your turn (use a coin or glass bead). Each experience token provides this cardís dice with +1A and +1D at all levels. A card cannot get more than one experience token per turn. However, several different cards (each with the Experience ability) can each get an experience token when only a single opposing monster is knocked out. Monsters knocked out during your opponentís turn do not provide experience tokens. Knocking out NPCs and other adventurers likewise does not provide experience tokens; only knocking out monsters. If your opponent voluntarily sacrifices a creature to power one of his own effects, that also provides no experience."

    So, no, it has to be an opposing character with the Monster affiliation to count.

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    I like it. You may find it a tad slow against fast aggro. But I'm a fan of the denial plus slow burn archetype.

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    Hmmm, I've decided to switch out the Helicarrier for a Magic Sword(so I don't have to use a recycle on it instead of something like magic missile) and a limited wish for a Human Tourch - Flame On! to increase effect damage as well as cheap damage with things like kobold fielding.

    Edit: I'm also thinking on taking out halfling thief out for a Wasp - Founding Avenger to deal extra damage with globals.

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    I like the ideas for your changes why not edit the post with the changes so we can get a visual idea.

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