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    Bstman: WGD

    Retaliation - If an affiliated character is KO'd, deal 1 damage to an opppsing player.

    Does Batman: WGD's retaliation occur once for each (unique?) affilated character that is KO'd, or only once per a KO event, regardless of how many are KO'd?

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    Yes, I have seen that. Lots of questions and answers about multiple Retaliation with a single die being KO'd. I don't see anything that directly answers my question above. If it's there and you can point it out to e, I'd be greatful. If not, an answer here would be appreciated.

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    I believe as long as Batman remains active, each other character getting KO'd would be considered a unique instance, even though they happen simultaneously. So if 2 Superman dice are KO'd and 1 Wonder Woman die, it would deal 3 damage.

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    I bring it up because of wording inconsistency.

    Other Retaliation character say "When," which clearly pops once per KO. Batman:WGD says "If," which is conditional, it either is or isn't, regardless of how many are KO'd.

    Does that make sense?

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    The recent simultaneous KOing of Sidekicks ruling throws some doubt over the situation too.

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    Personally, I don't care which way it is: I just want to know.

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