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Thread: H: SR Zombie Electro W: A different SR

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    H: SR Zombie Electro W: A different SR

    I am much more of a player than a collector, and I just do not see anytime that I would actually play with this card (especially since I will probably sit Amazing Spiderman out). I would like to trade it for another super rare that I do not have, in this order of preference

    Black Canary
    Red Dragon

    On the off chance that someone wants it, I also have the SR Thousand Dragon from Yu-gi-oh. If it is a card that you are interested in then working out a trade for that should not be terribly hard.

    Thanks for your considerations!

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    I have a spare Black Canary I can trade if you don't get either of the other 2 you need.
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    I have Groot. Lemme know if you want to trade

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    Card arrived in perfect shape, thanks Seanxor!

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