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Thread: Mathrin's Have's and Have Not's (DCJL/YGO)

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    Mathrin's Have's and Have Not's

    Wanted Age of Ultron Cards:
    Rare Super Rare
    None Zombie Electro
    Zombie Gladiator
    Age of Ultron Cards For Trade:
    Rare Super Rare
    Beast x2
    Captain Marvel x2
    Giant Man
    Maria Hill x2
    Nick Fury x2
    Pepper Potts x2
    SHIELD Agent
    SHIELD Helicarrier
    Star-Lord x2
    Ultron Drone
    Justice League cards for Trade:
    Rare Super Rare
    84 Constantine - Con Artist
    106 Aquaman - Orin
    107 Batarang - From Wayne Enterprises
    108 Black Canary - Canary Cry
    112 Brainiac - Twelfth-Level Intelligence
    113 Captain Cold - Master of Absolute Zero
    114 Catwoman - Femme Fatale
    116 Cyborg - Mentor
    117 Deadman - Embracing Life
    118 Firestorm - Matter Master x2
    122 The Joker - Red Hood x2
    123 Katana - Soultaker Sword
    124 Lantern Power Ring - Flight x2
    125 Lex Luthor - Billionaire Industrialist
    126 Red Tornado - Android x2
    127 Robin - Acrobatic Adolescent
    128 Shazam! - Strength of Hercules
    129 Sinestro - Sinestro Corps Leader x2
    130 Solomon Grundy - Buried on a Sunday x2
    131 Stargirl - Star-Spangled Kid
    132 Swamp Thing - Part of The Green
    Yu Gi Oh cards/dice for Trade:
    Rare Super Rare
    La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
    Mystical Elf
    110 The Winged Dragon of Ra
    Uncanny X-Men cards for Trade:
    Rare Super Rare
    108 Namor - Imperius Rex None

    Updated and Cleaned Up - 8/15/15
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    I have Booster Gold, Gaia, Goblin Attack Force and Injection Fairy Lily. I'd trade any of those for your rare Flash (the only DC rare I am missing).

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    I have an event this weekend. I will see if I can get a spare Flash for you. Mine is promised to JT for Injection Fairy Lily.

    If I get another, then I will trade for your Goblin Attack Force.

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    We may need to look at a different trade. I broke down and bought it since it was the very last DC card I needed.

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    I feel so close yet so far from finishing up this YuGiOh set.

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    I am interested in your rare YGO Mystical Elf. I am unclear about what you are looking for.

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    The only rare I'm looking for is Red Skull.

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    And then there were 2. Last 2 super rares to finish my set.

    I have a full art Zombie Magneto I'd consider trading for a zombie Magneto, zombie Electro and zombie Gladiator with dice.

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    Updated and cleaned up.

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