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Thread: So, my LGS just closed . . .

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    So, my LGS just closed . . .

    The owner cited health reasons for the closure. He claims it might only be temporary, but he has no idea how long it might take. Since that was the only LGS within 180 miles the DM scene is likely to dissolve out here.

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    That sucks you should work on a home base place, Find a coffee shop or someplace with good table space. Then you just get everyone who is into the game to meet there. You can do group buys on an online shop and maybe gather money from people to keep some of the newest stuff in stock, Barnes and Nobles and Walmart sell the starters and often have a feed or two. Just an idea.

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    It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

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    Agree with Vape - find a way to keep up communication, you may be able to salvage this!

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    I agree with Dave (both of them).

    This is an opportunity to forge even stronger local community bonds.

    Start up a local DM Facebook group, if you don't already have one.

    Seek out new venues. Heck, play at each other's houses if you have to.

    Adversity is the mother of ingenuity.

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    I'd agree with scorpion. A Facebook group (or at least a group message!) Is a useful tool.

    Whilst I understand it may not be possible for multiple reasons if you can speak to the owner and see if he has any old op prizes (if the store ran them). My local store firmly sticks to the wizkids no resale rules so often has multiple left over cards per event. You never know the owner may be willing to let you have these (even at a price) which could help you keep interest up. If there is a chance it will reopen, it may be in his interest to keep the community going for his return.

    Playing at homes as above I'd always an option although that may limit the number of players (but this might not be an issue depending on the size of your group).

    Even if you can't play regularly, a group conversation where you can discuss cards, combos and upcoming sets etc may help to sustain individual players interests and the community a little.

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    A local game group in Philly meets at a downtown Panera Bread on Saturday mornings. They just buy coffee and breakfast and it works out for all parties.

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    Not to fear! There is still hope! My playgroup (granted this was for a different game) was a in a similar situation. The shop where we played Commander closed down and we did the one thing that kept your play group together: Keep in touch. You can do this like we did with a group Facebook chat, a Facebook group, email list, ect. We ended up playing in a Atlanta Bread Company for a while until the shop opened back up.

    But my real question is: are there any other hobby shops in your area? I looked at your profile and saw you are apart of the Arizona group; do you live near or around Phoenix? There are around 10 local card shops that host Magic events. If you do live near them, you could convince them to hold events and get product for you guys.

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    Thanks for the advice/input. We do already have a Facebook group, sadly no other local shops. I live about 3 hours away from Phoenix.

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    Is there a walmart nearby that sells packs, maybe that has a cafe or somewhere you could sit and play?

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    Is there a local target?

    I know they skipped JL but they seem to have picked up AoU, maybe you could play in their cafe/starbucks. They'd be happy at the money it brings in

    Edit - same thought as PK but with target, does walmart sell packs nowadays???

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    Some Wal-Marts do (the closest one to me doesn't, but one on the other side of town does). Target is another good choice, maybe Fred Meyer if they're that far south.

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    I have the same but opposite problem as there are two stores (technically 3 if I drive 40 minutes) but only one sells DM any more and no one plays there. The two stores near me are becoming more about what they think they can sell,which I guess I understand to a degree coming from a business point of view but it stinks when trying to build a community for a game when a store "gives up" on a game or declares it "dead" when in actuality it is far from it. One store does strictly CCG to the extreme level (not my scene) and they won't carry it. The other one seems to be begrudging to everything except Magic and Warhammer40k or whatever the owner deems worthy. My group is/was small and are now distracted by other games. One of my friends asked the 2nd store if they were getting any AoU and they said "No, it doesn't sell" or something to that effect. We were both willing to buy full boxes and starters, but, hey, it doesn't "sell" so he's not getting it.

    Rant over. Apologies- it's been a frustrating summer of gaming so I feel for you completely.

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    Keep your chins up, summer is the worst time for gaming and in store events due to vacation and travel plans. September is coming, and school will be back in.

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    Yeah man, find one other committed person and you two organize it and keep it going. Sounds like some excellent suggestions here, but the big key is someone has to take the lead, schedule things, be the cheerleader/judge, etc. If you can find a business in the area who will let you buy through them, they can set up a distributor account, which would let you use the Wizkids event system as well. There's a photography studio not far from where I live that does this for their Heroclix group. It just has to be a business, not a hobby or comic shop. They work mostly on a preorder basis, that way the business doesn't get a bunch of product they can't sell. Is there a player in your group that has his own business?

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    Agree with these suggestions. Step-up and keep it going. Friends get together and play games all the time. Why should that stop just because a store closed?

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    In the area I'm in there are 2 distinctly different groups. The one that seems to be growing at the LGS and the one I'm part of. I'm glad I can play at home or a friend's instead of hanging out at a venue with who is probably the single worst judge ever (once got a game loss because I removed my finger from a die when deciding my blockers - apparently removing my finger was considered declaring it that specific block even though I didn't verbalize anything of that nature and having moved my finger away from a die in that exact same combat - he's also known to play favorites and I think this incident may have been one of those example since I was moving dice around to see how different blocks looked and he just randomly decided the one that looked the worst had to be the one I had to finalize), a known group of druggies, 2 of the dumbest liars ever (one is a guy that was like "Yeah I'm going to world's you can car pool then claimed he couldn't go because of reasons [which also incidentally made it so I couldn't go because he pulled out last minute and I was relying on car pooling], also claims he beat Dave Walsh via Skype multiple times but couldn't even confirm he knew how to contact Dave the other is his girlfriend and she exhibits a ton of the same behavior). They also play the dumbest way by changing the rules every week making it impossible to get a good feel for the meta - half your team has to cost 5 or more, next week you play with your cards hidden until you buy dice, the next week your dice have to be the same color, etc. It's dumb. I want to play Dice Masters, not play some non-Dice Masters game with DM components.

    What I'm saying is, play with your friends. You don't need a local store to have a scene you click with. If you really feel it's necessary to be more structured than that find a place. Losing a game store, or even branching out from the established scene isn't the end. It's a new start.

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    Remind me to go to your store and be the slowest jerk ever, Scum. I hate playing with people who act that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJRETRO View Post
    Remind me to go to your store and be the slowest jerk ever, Scum. I hate playing with people who act that way.
    Just make sure you don't take your fingers off your dice while doing so!!!

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    The other option is all agree to a night and flood vassal with your local players - saves trying to find enough space, allows to you keep your skills and knowledge up

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    Or move them around all you want (and more, just to annoy), but in the field zone!

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    Let's start a team of annoying people. Dibs on being the captain.

    Just bring toothpicks to touch the dice. "YOU SAID FINGERS. THIS... IS A TOOTHPICK."

    We are all awful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJRETRO View Post
    Let's start a team of annoying people. Dibs on being the captain.

    Just bring toothpicks to touch the dice. "YOU SAID FINGERS. THIS... IS A TOOTHPICK."

    We are all awful.
    What about a maniquin hand, would those fingers still count?

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