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Thread: Spiderman vs Human Paladin - DMG Reduced or not?

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    Spiderman vs Human Paladin - DMG Reduced or not?

    Spiderman WallCrawler
    "If Spider-Man attacks and is not blocked, you may pay to change your opponent's life to 10 (before damage is dealt)."
    Human Paladin- LesserEmerald
    "Experience (once per turn, gain a +1A / +1D token when you knock out a monster)
    While active, your characters in the field cannot be affected by global abilities used by your opponent.
    Global: Pay . Reduce the damage you take from a character's ability to 1."

    Would the Damage from Spiderman reduced to 1 if i spend one Shield energy when he is using his Ability?

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    Nope. Spider-Man sets health, he doesn't deal damage.

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