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Thread: Spidy and Friends

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    Spidy and Friends

    Hey i have a team where i am not sure what to add to it. It would be even fine as a 6 Card Team, but somehow i want some small ramp inside there, thats the reason i put Villainous Pact and Zatanna.

    Spidy and Wolverine are the Wincondition.
    Deadpool, Relentless and
    Doomcaliber Knight or Human Paladin helping them to reach their target.

    Zatanna and Villainous Pact are the ramp

    So suggestion what i could ad to this team? I would like to see a Venom: Angelo Fortunato but he would be a really highcost and only good for a long game. His Mac Gargan version would fit more in this team.

    Maybe adding a Black Manta David for 2 Fist Cost really good defender.

    Also DCK or Human Paladin? Who is the best for this job?

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    Id suggest not running Wolverine. I made a deck specifically around him and he's just so expensive to work with. Why not have blue eye's to kill your Zatana or have a vanilla Morphing Jar for your masks? Ideally it would be DCK but its a global and they can use it on you with Relentless.
    Also that Villanous Pact. They could buy that energy and screw with you considering you dont have a villain. Why not Resurrection?

    Venom rare plus Black Manta is a good idea. If you could get him on his burst and pump up your Black Manta's and you could ping your opponent.

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    All the Whys you ask are not in my possesion (yes and Wolvierin too, but i would get him if there is a chance somewhere)
    So no BEWD, no Resurrection.

    I know DCK could be risky, as often its possible to not have more then 2 defenders on the field and even when they bring Distraction, i would have been terminated after this.

    But hey even if Wolvi is expensive, sometimes it can work. Besides he is not the Main character. Spidy should do his job somehow and Deadpool helps him. Maybe i will change to the 4 Cost Deadpool, to have a energy more when i purchased him. But man i just like Jacks ability.
    I think i should add a Gelatinous Cube Master Ouze for Deadpool and protection against Flying Sidekick teams.

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    Funny thing is I ran gelatinous cube in my original deck. Looks good on paper, not that great. Keep Jack. My deck specifically has him. Matter in fact just check out the threat "Update At a Loss" and look at what I built. My deck is specifically around control but I wilt you down slowly. Spider Bomb is great but you need him to be unblock-able

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    I don't think Wolverine is that expensive. Yeah his total fielding cost is high, but his purchase cost is pretty low for his stats. One of my favorite win conditions is the Wolverine Formerly Weapon Ten and Spider-Man Webslinger combo. If you can get an early Wolverine out to attack alone and unblocked. Then get Spider-Man out and use him to clear your opponents wall and kill with Wolverine. You could add in a cheap fist like Black Widow, Black Manta, AOU Beast or Kobold for some ramp.

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    I know what you mean, you need this One Shield energy and most of time you dont have it.Also must of time he just stands there and waiting.

    Spider Bomb yes i know, but thats where i think i should add some Guy that does Splash Damage to all characters like Vibe or a Dragon with Breath weapon to clear all the Sidekicks before they get annoying or a threat.

    Well i dont like to have Spidy as 5 Cost. I rather see him in an DC Deck with Batman, Superman and Martianmanhunter or Fury Patch, to let the others do the work.

    But i want that Spidy can be the threat to the enemy

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    Ever thought of using to clear the field? Or characters with breath weapon?

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    Trust me, Ive been using Wolverine Formerly Weapon Ten since I first got him. He is very expensive to set up.

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    If you want some ramp, I would throw in the Kobolds. Black manta - David always makes a great blocker and attacker deterrent.

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    Or try morphing jars for the cheap masks. Help with PXG and Relentless.

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    This team should running without a PXG, but Morphing Jar is an interesting Choice, i will try this out.

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    Id also mention good luck getting past distraction and transfer power. I suggest using DoomCaliber Knight Fiendish Fighter.

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    spidey is good. formerly weapon 10 is a good character, but hard to set up perfectly. his stats are great... for a 4 cost... but the fielding is terrible...

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