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Thread: Article: Local Event, 7-16 Rainbow Draft

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    Sometimes you eat the bear, Randy, and sometimes the bear eats you.

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    This sounds exactly the same as my Draft. Got that same combo and thought it would be awesome.....yeah it failed me although I was able to make top 8 of 18 . Alas this combo is not as strong as it seemed. Field cost of ultron was too brutal to keep up with the teams that had low cost low fielded characters.

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    Also had one Ultron and one drone. I only got the combo one time in three games. I also brought the unblockable Thanos and two other 5 costs, Loki and Captain Marvel. Learned a good lesson in draft economics. My daughter made big noise with Pepper Pots +2D and lots of cheap characters though.

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    I had the same cards you did. The common Ultron but I got two drones in my separate booster packs. There were four drones on the table and I got two so I lucked out there. I also got the vanilla Giant Man's which were great. Along with the Common Red Skull. I had a great team using Gearing up so I can cycle my dice along with getting extra energy for those nasty fielding costs. Polymorph to upgrade my Giant Man's. I did have a great team (I was an idiot not picking up a common Gamora). I do remember seeing that Gamora Global and instantly went ".........This is bad. This will bite me in the ass for sure"

    I didnt have much sleep along with an empty stomach when I went to my draft and lost the first 2 games. Wasnt until I got something out the vending machine and ate where I won my last game pretty decisively.

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